Daily Diet Plan for Type 2 Diabetes in This Pandemic Time

Everyone is stuck at home in this pandemic situation caused because of the spread of the novel coronavirus. Lives have changed, and everything has come to a still. People who used to go to their daily jobs have now started working from home. Students have started their schooling at home, and people who used to go to watch sports, salons, or any other community place have started sitting at home, entertaining themselves. This change has caused a lot of confusion, frustration, and exhaustion. Many people have lost their focus on health and died. Everyone in this period has seen drastic changes in their eating habits. Breakfast has turned into brunches, and lunches have turned into snacks. The orderliness and harmony of life have been lost somewhere. This change in life has affected the blood sugar levels of people worldwide.

Diet Plan for Type 2 Diabetes

As per medical science, there are two types of diabetes, which can cause trouble to the body. Diabetes type 2 can be due to a poor lifestyle or sedentary lifestyle where physical activities are limited, and hence the absorption of sugar by the body becomes restricted. This leads to increased levels of sugar in the body as the insulin produced cannot absorb the sugar intake by an individual.

A quick look at type 2 diabetic patients

A diabetic type 2 patient is someone who needs to look at his diet for his/her health. Possessing a diet plan that suits you and your health is very important.

Having a healthy diet makes a lot of difference in the life of a diabetic person as the body sugar level is majorly controlled by the food that is eaten by the person and the components contained in it. Many food items can cause a reduction in insulin resistance; on the other hand, many can increase it as well. Moreover, for an obese person, it is advised to lose some kilos as by shedding those kilos, he/she is welcoming a healthy life. Losing some weight can help in the reduction of insulin resistance and lower the blood sugar levels.

What must be included in the diet of a diabetic patient?

Typically, a healthy diet for a person with diabetes must have various nutritious food but must not have an enormous amount of carbohydrates. Also, drastic lifestyle changes must be avoided. So, one must stick to something healthy that he/she can eat for a long time.

Carbohydrate control

Carbohydrates are the largest source of energy and can also increase the blood sugar level easily. The effect of carbohydrates depends on the source and amount of the carbohydrate taken. In a diabetic diet, the patient must limit themselves regarding the intake of carbohydrates by about 15 to 30 or 45 grams (maximum) in all meals and snacks. For instance, there are 15 grams of carbs in a single bread slice, a small apple, half a cup of cooked oatmeal, half of a large banana, or more than a half cup of mashed acorn squash. Hence one needs to count the calorie as per his required intake and then move ahead.

Generally, the selection of processed food must be in limited amounts since the carbohydrate in them is better for blood sugar than refined carbohydrates. Nutritionists are always guiding people with diabetes to have high-fiber carbohydrates, like beans, whole grain, fruits, and vegetables. Moreover, it is best to avoid taking sugary drinks and food like rice, white bread, pasta, and snack foods such as chips.

Weight loss

Losing weight can help in lowering blood sugar, even if the results do not seem positive. Now when you are stuck at home and working from home, you naturally crave food. But you must not gain weight. You should try losing weight as it will help in your health.

Dietitians guide their diabetic patients to have meals regularly and do not fast for a longer time. They also tell you to regularly maintain a log of meals and weight loss to get an idea of what suits your body and what does not. It is also advised to include a variety of vegetables, proteins(lean) and limit yourself from having high-calorie food such as refined carbohydrates, fried food, processed meat, and fat-containing foods.

Immune supporting foods

Having diabetes increases the risk of getting COVID-19, and hence everyone is looking forward to getting a strong immune system. People are following a number of diets and taking a lot of things to build a system that is capable of fighting with diseases. If you have diabetes, then it is one of the major things to be kept in mind to make sure that your immune system is in good condition so that you do not fall sick and get hold of viruses.

Things you need to avoid

You should eliminate products that contain flour and sugar to get a healthier diet. These raise the body’s sugar level, which can be very dangerous. Your daily meals should be exempt from sweet products such as desserts, pastries, breadcrumbs, white noodles, biscuits, white bread, white potatoes, pineapples, watermelon, and soft beverages. These foods contain single or high glycaemic carbohydrates.

The body’s use of a large number of proteins, fat, and fiber tends to avoid and reduce excess sugar. Body sugar must be regulated and should not have a serious effect on your health.

Different diet plans that one can look for

Let us have a look at the different diet plans that are available to fight with the diabetes problem and maintain a good immune system.

ADA Diabetes diet

A diabetic regimen is developed by the American Diabetes Association that facilitates both adequate consumption and practice. It calls for the addition of whole-grain products and a load of glycemia, and the elimination of sugar-sweetened drinks.

Paleolithic diet

Overall, protein consumption is included in this diet to offer you balanced nutrition. The tradition of cooking is said to be brought back to the age of hunter-gatherers. Food includes fish, fruit, beef, eggs, nuts, and leafy vegetables. Things such as beer, candy, sugar, soft beverages, milk goods, all sorts of grains, and any additional salt shall be exempted. 

Mediterranean diet

This diet requires several vegetables to be taken as a compulsion. It comprises fresh berries, fruits, meat and milk, avocados and nuts, herbs, and some wine.

It requires a diet that is high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Other ingredients that are best for type 2 diabetes include wild salmon, ginger, white vinegar, and lentils.

For those who have type 2 diabetes, it is really necessary to keep an adequate diet. You will help regulate the blood sugar in your body to keep it from influencing your pancreas by following the diet. Choose your daily meals carefully to help your body get wiser, stronger, and happier.

What foods must you consume?

In order to consume a healthy diet on a daily basis, which helps to prevent diabetic problems, food with high fiber should be included. Ensure that you are taking less sugar in your food items.

The sugar content of your body should be controlled as a priority. Oats, brown rice, whole-grain bread and cereals, quinoa, beans, maize, and all kind of wheat are the primary foods of high fiber. These should be a part of your daily food. The daily diet should also contain dried beans, peas, and lentils. Dairy goods are also necessary for your health, so make sure you take some kind of milk product every day.

The preferable foods

Extremely preferable are yogurt, milk, and cheese that you must try to take in your meals. Yogurt should be carefully taken to ensure that chemical sugar is not there. A decent quantity of vegetables and fruit will also improve the health and vitality of your body and help to prevent diseases.

Starchy vegetables with Vitamin C should also be consumed. Potatoes are preferable, as are maize, squash, and root vegetables. Green vegetables are a non-starching ingredient to be used in the diet. You should have a high degree of consumption of the fruits that can help you to keep fit are oranges, pears, berries, and apples. Try eating more fresh vegetables and fruits.


This was a simple guide to assist you with your Type 2 diabetes diet to help you live a long and healthy life. You will live a normal life without risking your heart and body with a few things to be recalled.

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