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Diabetes can entirely change your lifestyle, and it can turn you from a 40-year active man who runs daily, to a 60-year-old who needs to pop medicines in his mouth before every meal. Many people around the world are affected by diabetes and suffer from its symptoms. The chances of having a heart stroke are double when one is diabetic.

That’s why people around the world, know-how dangerous diabetes can be. Even the doctors just prescribe medicines and say that there is no cure for this condition. There are only pills one can take to regulate the pod sugar levels. However, there has been a remedy in the market to reverse diabetes, and it is getting popular. Everyone wants to get their hands on this remedy. Many think it is an answer to their prayers. We did a research on the Diabetes Freedom, and found out how it reverses diabetes, is it beneficial? And do people really use it?. Here is the product review of Diabetes Freedom for people who want to know about the product before using it.

Diabetes Freedom

What is Diabetes Freedom?

Diabetes Freedom is not a supplement or medicine that works like magic and helps you to get rid of diabetes. But Diabetes Freedom is a plan, and it is a process that gets you rid of diabetes in two weeks. It is a 2-month action plan for people with diabetes, and it is available online. Anyone who wants to change their diabetic life, can take this step and visit their website and get the plan.

The plan is based on the Phyto Hack Method. Phyto Hack method is a method that melts the fat in targeted areas, especially surrounding the pancreas. The pancreas secretes insulin that regulates the glucose or the blood sugar levels in the body. A healthy pancreas means a healthy insulin level. Your blood sugar will be in control.

Conventional methods only help you suppress the symptoms of diabetes. They don’t help you to treat it. Moreover, the doctors don’t even recommend you to get rid of the disease because it may hamper the multi-million-dollar medicine industry that thrives on diabetes.

The two-month plan of Diabetes Freedom is all about proper nutrition, meal timing, and metabolic rules that tackle the root cause of Type 2 Diabetes. Instead of suppressing the symptoms, one learns to deal with the root cause and treat it for good. Even though at the end of two weeks diabetes isn’t reversed, you will have your blood sugar levels under control naturally.

The phyto hack method reduces fat cells on specific accumulation places. How does it happen? The process compounds contain an element called Phytonutrients. These Phytonutrients have ingredients such as Flavonoids, Lignans, and Prophenylphenols. Phytonutrients work and help increase the insulin levels and keep the blood sugar level in check.

You can use this way to achieve more insulin secretion levels without doing any harm to the body. Moreover, Phytonutrients also have the power to break down the genetic set up or DNA and destroy the diabetic gene. That can rid the patient of the diabetic gene for good.

Diabetes Freedom is a plan, a guide that helps patients overcome diabetes naturally and in a healthy way. The plan focused on a healthy lifestyle and helped the patient to sleep better and lose weight without pain. It also has many health benefits because of which it is growing popular among the patients.

Who created Diabetes Freedom?

Diabetes Freedom isn’t created by a company that wants to profit from the shortcomings of its customers. But Diabetes Freedom was created by George Reiley, who also had Type 2 Diabetes. He suffered so much that he was on the brink of getting his leg amputated. That’s when the doctor said there was no going back. But his grandson urged him and the doctor not to do so.

George Reiley had been using conventional methods to treat his diabetes but without any improvement. He then tried to embrace the natural way of treatment. He learned that proper nutrition and meal timing can flush the fatty deposits out of the body, and can eliminate diabetes.

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What does the plan contain?

The Diabetes Freedom plan is a natural way to get rid of diabetes. It educates the patients about diabetes and what one can do to treat the symptoms, as well as get rid of the disease. Moreover, it can undo the damage done by diabetes on your body. It can reverse the process, and also eliminate diabetes from the body. There are three guides provides by George Reiley on the website. Here are the three essential guides which help the patients.

  • The Main Manual
  • The QuickStart Accelerator
  • The Meal Preparation Guide

Other than the three essential guides, there is also a Video Library, a Nutritional Guide For Diabetes Type 2, Meal Timing Strategies, Food Shopping Guide, and a guide on Body Movements. It also contains a lot of bonuses to help you smoothly go through the diabetes reversal process like Bonus: Stay Young Forever Guide, Bonus: 33 Powerful Foods for Diabetics Guide, Bonus: Fat Burning Blueprint Guide.

Here is a detailed overview of the main manual and what it entails-

  • Welcome to the Program

Introduction to Type 2 Diabetes – This part contains details that introduce the patients to diabetes, its causes, and the symptoms.

Stage 1: 10 Days of Super Drinks

This part has details about the Diabetes Super Drinks, and it guides the readers about what drinks to have, to bring your diabetes symptoms under control.

Stage 2: 8 Week Diabetes Dieting This part of the plan guides the patients through the importance of diet, and what to eat to reverse the damage done by diabetes.

7 Rules of the Diabetes Diet Plan

The seven rules part of the plan teaches the readers about the importance of diet, the importance of exercise, and how to control the cravings.

Diabetes Condemns: Falsely Dietetic Food Products (Do Not Trust!) – This part warns the patients against fraud products that claim to curb the symptoms of diabetes but are harmful to the body.

The List of the 12 Deadly Ingredients – This part informs the patients about the ingredients to avoid, and not put into the body.

A Healthy, Diabetes-Free Body- The final part of the main manual talks about how the two-month plan can give you a diabetes-free body.

The second guide of the Diabetes Free plan is the

Quick Start Accelerator – it teaches the patients about how to get started with the program. What to eat, how to exercise, and what to avoid. It eases the patients into the Diabetes Freedom plan.

The third and final guide

Meal Preparation Guide; it guides the patients through their diet – How to prep meals and what to eat. It also has many dishes carefully put together by top chefs.

At the end of the guides, there are several bonuses, as we earlier mentioned. But there is an extra surprise for the users at the end, and there is the best-selling anti-aging workout DVD for free!

How does it work?

Diabetes Freedom is a plan that works for the betterment of the body. This plan uses the Phyto Hack method. Phyto Hack method uses the Phyto compounds to dissolve the excess fats from the body, especially the fat around the pancreas.

The pancreas is the gland that secretes insulin when it is in the better state, and it secretes more insulin. Insulin signals the liver to take the glucose in, and when there is glucose in excess, it gets converted to glycogen.

When there is more level of insulin in the body, then the blood sugar level in the body stays under control. Diabetes Freedom plan works in a way that regulates the blood sugar level. You don’t need any expensive medicines or treatment, along with the guide. A proper diet and regular exercise will do the trick. Polyphenols and lignans can produce so-called strong catalytic effects. It means that polyphenols and lignans can easily eliminate toxins stored in the pancreas. 

diabetes freedom reviews


There are plenty of benefits to diabetes freedom. That is why it is so diversely used among people. Here are some of the benefits we found.

  • It is natural – Diabetes Freedom is not an artificial supplement that will have any adverse effects on the body. It is a natural process that will benefit the body.
  • It can reverse type 2 diabetes. The use of the guide provided by Diabetes Freedom can free any regular diabetic person from diabetes. Anyone who sticks to the plan will easily benefit from it.
  • You can lose weight. With the help of the proper diet plan and exercise, the plan will help you lose weight, and you can come down a manageable weight and become healthy.
  • Become more active. Many of the users of Diabetes Freedom expressed their happiness on how active they became after following the regime. The body becomes free and lighter.
  • The regime works fast. You don’t have to wait around for a long time for the regime to work. But the process works more quickly and shows results in weeks.
  • Increase life expectancy. The people with diabetes have twice the chance of having a stroke. After having diabetes under control or reversing it, the chances of stroke diminishes.
  • The guide is simple. Even though the manual has tips and guidance from professionals, the guide is easy to follow. That’s why anyone can use it and benefit from it.
  • No additional medications are needed when following Diabetes Freedom. When you start following diabetes freedom, then there is no need for other treatments or expensive pills.
  • The price of the treatment is pretty reasonable. Because George was a regular man himself, he wants to help people rather than do business out of it. Hence, the low prices that’s affordable for all.

Price and Money Back Guarantee

The actual cost of the solution is $199, but most of the time, it is on an offer of $37, and that’s a steal. So you can hurry up and buy this solution right away. Moreover, they also offer a money-back guarantee. If the solution does not work out for you and you don’t lose weight and lower blood sugar level within 60 days, then you can request a full refund.

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Side Effects

There are no side effects of Diabetes Freedom because it is a plan one needs to follow. It is not a medicine to ingest and lose weight. It is a 100% natural way to reverse the effects of people with diabetes and become healthy. That’s why many people benefit from it. It is a natural program and may work for somebody and won’t work for someone. It is person-specific. If it doesn’t work for you, you can ask for a refund. 

Customer reviews

diabetes freedom review

Many people across the world have started using the Diabetes Freedom plan. The great thing is that it is available online, digitally, so everyone can access it.

Many customers expressed how effective Diabetes Freedom worked. It has worked wonders in many diabetic patients and reversed type 2 diabetes in many. Moreover, many have also shared that they lost a considerable amount of weight through the Diabetes Freedom program.

Customers also shared their feelings about the product and said that the plan makes them feel energetic and confident. They feel younger and more active. It helped them deal with all the diabetes symptoms. Most of the customers are happy with the product and recommend it.

The Verdict

After researching the product and reading a number of reviews, we concluded that the product Diabetes Freedom is a trustworthy product that can help diabetes patients. It is a reliable product and treats the root cause of diabetes rather than suppressing the symptoms only. Diabetes Freedom is a natural method to reverse the process of diabetes and get back to your healthy and fit self. Most of the customers recommend it, and we recommend it too. Grab it before the offer runs out.

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