Top Tips For Organising An Alcohol Free Wedding

When it comes to weddings one of the biggest costs is always booze. Open bars are so expensive, and even when it comes to providing table wines it can be costly.

Of course, there are many more reasons why you may not want alcohol at a wedding too, particularly these days where there are more people in alcohol recovery than ever before. If you’re the bride or groom and don’t drink especially, then a dry wedding may well be the right decision for you.

According to this private drug rehab centre, major events and parties are one of the most likely scenarios in which someone may relapse, and the last thing you want is your special day becoming your own, or someone else’s nightmare.

Dry weddings are becoming more common and if you’re thinking about organising an alcohol free wedding, then here are some top tips from us…

Let people know

You should inform your wedding guests that it is a dry wedding just to keep expectations in line and avoid any surprises.

It’s a simple task and just about getting the word out there so people know the booze isn’t going to be flowing. There is a chance some may be upset about it, but ultimately it is your special day and they will live with it, and likely have a great time when they do arrive.

Think about your costings

Interestingly, you may have to think about your costings with your caterers. As alcohol is one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, it will reduce your budget. This can cause a problem if there is a minimum spend with your catering company.

Firstly, do make sure any alcohol is removed from the catering list, and if you do have to spend further to meet a minimum, you need to think of alternatives. This budget could potentially go into more food, or perhaps even special non-alcoholic drinks.

Still have a cocktail hour

You can still make the most of having great drinks at a wedding, perfect for toasting but do so without alcohol in them. There are loads of amazing non-alcoholic cocktails for weddings that look great and are perfect for that Insta shot.

Still run a cocktail hour post ceremony as the wedding turns into the reception and they can be fantastic fruity numbers that will have everyone enjoying and celebrating your special day.

Think about an early wedding

If you are worried about the reception of having a dry wedding, why not have an earlier one? Get married in the morning and have the wedding breakfast as brunch. The vast majority of people aren’t used to drinking alcohol during the day, so would be less inclined to in the late morning early afternoon anyway, which would solve any problem you may think you have.

Ultimately, people will respect your decision. It’s your day and they are there for you, and seeing the happy couple get married is what people are really there to see.

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