Does Turmeric Help With Weight Loss?

The best way to lead a healthy life is by implementing a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that you are eating nutritious food and doing considerable physical activity to keep those muscles in action. And if you are someone who has already implemented a healthy and nutritious diet and all the other lifestyle changes that serve to words your weight loss goals or weight management, and if you are looking for additional ways to support your weight management then we are sure that you might be browsing online about supplements for this category. There are several trendy supplements out there when it comes to weight management, especially weight loss, the options are literally endless but you need to remember that these options also contain additives that are unhealthy and can cause side-effects for your body.

What if we told you that there are natural foods that can act as supplements to support your weight loss journey. It will help you to steer clear from all the unwanted additions to your body and sometimes opting for the national Road is the safest choice and this is where turmeric comes into picture. Let’s read and understand how turmeric could boost weight loss.

So, what is Turmeric?

For those who do not know turmeric is nothing but a route that is aromatic and it is eastern. And it is very commonly used in everyday Indian cuisine and has been touted for its medicinal characteristics for centuries. The color of turmeric skin is usually brown in color but similar to a sweet potato and inside fresh turmeric contains an orange flesh that has a very earthy smell and the flavor is also earthy, sweet, and slightly spiced.

Relationship between turmeric and weight loss

Did you know that turmeric contains nearly 235 varieties of compounds, and till date most research done on a spice store music and more particularly on its bioactive compounds called curcumin.

However, very little studies are available with regards to the association between weight loss and supplementation linked to curcumin.

While certain studies do exist to talk about how curcumin health supplements weight loss, the research is done to limited participants which is 2000 participants only and this definitely cannot be considered as a proof in this regard.

However, a particular study of the year 2021 regarding RCT, randomized controlled trials shows that higher dosage of curcumin approximately 1500 mg or supplementation of specifically bio available varieties shows the most promising results in the participants BMI, body weight, and the waist circumstance.

It is very important to take note that most of the studies were conducted during a shorter duration of time see about 1 to 6 months and also lacked follow-up.

The anti-inflammatory properties

Several diseases have a couple of things in common and inflammation tops that list. Certain researchers point out that turmeric also called as Curcumin helps support WeightLoss efforts mainly because of its anti-inflammatory properties. A particular scientific community has proven that Cuca means anti-inflammatory benefits and has incredible potential. With respect to human studies including systematic reviews of R city, there are several pieces of evidence that talk about the effectiveness of curcumin supplements that help reduce certain biomarkers when it comes to inflammation.

The link between weight loss and inflammation

When a particular person experiences obesity, information might also get incited in the body. Studies show that in the seven states of obesity, not only Aarthi studies cases of pro-inflammatory cytokines increasing, but also anti-inflammatory cytokines decreasing. When we say pro-inflammatory cytokines, we are talking about TNF-alpha which is responsible for modulating the innate and adaptive immune response of the body.

Turmeric root versus turmeric supplements

If you have decided to add turmeric to your diet every day, one question that might cross your mind should you take it in your food or should you take it in the form of a supplement. The challenge here is to successfully harness the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin in its bioavailability stage. This will help the body to absorb and utilize the nutrients to the maximum. Mixing turmeric with another spice called black pepper will improve curcumin’s absorption in our body. Pairing turmeric along with a heart-healthy fat will also help in better absorption of curcumin. And if you resort to take a supplement, you need to ensure that you pick one which is optimized for absorption. And yes, dosage and nouns are equally important if you are taking a turmeric supplement. You always recommend that you consult your health care practitioner to understand which type of supplement and how much of it in dosage needs to be taken by you as it differs from body to body.

What experts say

If you Are seriously interested in raping the health benefits that the music possesses, including the bright colour then go ahead and add turmeric powder to your salad dressings, curries, stir fries, or even lattes. However, there is no significant research that has conclusively proved a link between curcumin and weight loss. It is completely your choice to take turmeric as a supplement however there is no certainty that it can be given the crown of a hero when it comes to weight loss achievement.

There is definitely a scope for more research in this area and we highly recommend that you consult your doctor before you start adding turmeric to your everyday routine.

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