How To Help People With Diabetes?

Diabetes has turned into one of the most common chronic ailments, which has taken the world by its grip really hard. Millions of people in the world suffer from the problem though the severity may vary from person to person. If you take a look closely, you will find that many people you know suffer from diabetes. Generally, people who suffer from diabetes need good care and support so that the problem is managed in an effective manner. But sadly, there are many kinds of stigma and misunderstanding associated with the same as well. Just lifestyle changes and activity changes are not enough for managing diabetes. There are many other things that need to be taken care of as well. And this has to be done in a cautious manner as people suffering from diabetes might feel misunderstood, pressurized and depressed at the same time. So, your approach to helping a patient of diabetes should be such that the patient feels relaxed and comfortable.

Diabetes might seem to be a simple disease to people, but actually it is not so. It is quite a complicated ailment, which has many layers and levels. It takes a lot of time to gather complete information and understand diabetes fully. When a patient lives with diabetes, he has to manage and balance various things all at once and usually gets messed up. This is why proper help is required for such patients. It is important to know and learn about nutrition, diet, blood sugar level management, exercises, activity levels, hormones, and their functioning and many more things regarding diabetes. The most challenging part is that treatment, technology, and knowledge regarding diabetes are changing constantly. Therefore sticking to a firm path is not the right thing to do as that might have no results. One has to be constantly updating oneself regarding diabetes and its various ways and treatments to lead a healthy life. Blood Sugar Formula is one way in which you can manage your diabetes effectively without many efforts.

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People suffering from diabetes are often prone to embarrassment, guilt, shame and even isolation. The saddest part is that not only adults but nowadays children also suffer from type 2 diabetes and even they are prone to the symptoms. People undergo a massive emotional toll with such suffering and their sugar levels keep on increasing. Such people often show higher A1C levels, poor diabetes control, higher body mass index (BMI), etc. When such a situation crops up, it is important that friends and family come to the rescue of the diabetic patient. With proper support, it is possible to combat the stigma associated with diabetes and make the person feel better. It is also possible to make the patient believe that diabetes can be kept under control and one can lead a normal and happy life even with controlled diabetes.

Mentioned below are some ways in which you can help people suffering from diabetes:

  • Proper attitude and approach matter a lot – It is quite helpful when you acknowledge the person that having diabetes is not their fault, is not fair, is difficult and is not easy to fix as well like many other ailments. It has to be communicated clearly that there are lots to learn about diabetes and both of you will learn it together and you will be a support in the whole process and will try to help as much as possible. The approach will be like a learning experience which both of you will undertake together. You have to avoid being judgmental or refrain from nagging the person as what to do and what not to do.
  • Learning the basics of diabetes important along with sharing resources with the person suffering from diabetes – If you want information about diabetes, you have various kinds of resources available at hand. There are organizations and groups which work regarding diabetes. Also, there are many books, medical journals, websites and videos, and blogs where complete information on diabetes is available. There are many online communities too which work with patients of diabetes. Talk to your health professional for guidance as to where you can learn more about diabetes. You can also try making a visit with a dietician and a diabetes educator. Now there are diabetes groups in various areas and you can join them to know more about the problem. Tag along with the diabetic patient with you so that his/her interest also grows. Share as many resources as possible.
  • Don’t judge; try helping in a practical way – This is a very important point of diabetes management. Generally, people judge diabetic patients, making them all the more depressed and withdrawn. Instead, try helping them in the most practical way. You have to understand the kinds of challenges that the person is going through and then find suitable solutions to combat the problems. Many patients might need help for doing their errands and other works but they don’t express it. Try understanding that and extend a helping hand without letting them feel guilty. You can help them in making diabetic-friendly meals and also enjoy the same with them at the same table. This will make them happy and they will not feel isolated. Many diabetic patients don’t walk or exercise as they don’t like doing it alone. Become their partner in these activities. Along with helping them, you will be helping yourself as well!
  • Try inspiring them in every little way possible – This is really helpful for diabetic patients and it works wonders. There are many articles, medical journals and blogs available online as well as offline where many diabetic patients record their experience as to how they have been able to manage diabetes successfully over the years. You can arrange such resources for your family members and inspire them. There are many videos available too, where people have shared their journey of managing diabetes. It is also great if you can make the person join some group in real where he/she can meet real people who have won their battle against diabetes and leading a normal life.
  • You must be aware of the signs and symptoms of a problem – There are two kinds of common problems which diabetic patients often suffer. Some people have extremely high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) and some of them have low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia). Both these problems have prominent signs and symptoms and irritability is the most common one. When a person is hyperglycemic, he might be seen to urinate frequently and might feel thirstier than usual. When a person is hypoglycemic, some of the most prominent symptoms include pale skin color, nervousness, having no energy, confusion, clumsiness, etc. If you are aware of these symptoms, you will be able to handle the situation as per need. The patient should also be aware of the signs so that he/she can seek assistance as required.
  • Blood sugar checks and medication regimen should be followed religiously – It has been seen that many diabetic patients are hesitant and embarrassed in getting their blood sugar levels checked. Some of them even don’t take their insulin injections and medications in public as it seems embarrassing for them. This hampers their health and nothing else. In this situation, you have to offer your help and support to the person and make them understand that taking the injection or the medication is necessary. Also, it is an understanding which needs to be developed that the medication and health checkups are an integral part of the diabetes management plan. Ignoring these will cause problems in the blood sugar levels in the body and lead to other kinds of health problems.
  • If there are bedroom issues, talk about it freely – Diabetes has a negative impact on various organs in the body and sexual organs feel the heat as well. Women suffering from diabetes often suffer from urinary tract infections and vaginal infections. Vaginal dryness is also a common problem in many women and thus it makes the experience of having sex painful and uncomfortable. The majority of men suffering from diabetes are likely to complain of erectile dysfunction. Lower libido is also an issue related to diabetes and it can affect the self-esteem and confidence of a person significantly. In case there are any such issues in place, it is recommended to talk about it freely. Some solutions can always be found when the problem is located.

With proper care and monitoring, diabetes can be managed successfully.

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