What Are The Main Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

There are several causes of erectile dysfunction, and the most common among them are age-related health problems. As we age, the blood supply to the penis reduces, making it difficult to get an erection in many cases. When older people manage to get an erection, they may not be able to sustain it long enough to get sexual satisfaction. This is when the condition gets categorized as erectile dysfunction.

erectile Dysfunction

Apart from old age, several lifestyle factors and health conditions may also cause ED in many people. It is commonly seen in men who have diabetes or blood pressure problems. In such cases, ED problems can be seen even in middle age. It can also be caused due to hormonal imbalance that happens due to health conditions or medication. Apart from that, there may be temporary reasons like stress and anxiety that can trigger symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, when the reasons are psychological, they will usually go away on their own after a few months without the need for any medication. On the other hand, when the reasons are physical, they need proper treatment in the long run.

Different causes of erectile dysfunction

  • The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is age-related weakness. Old age also comes with various health complications, and the blood supply to the penis region gets affected in most people. This can lead to erectile dysfunction, and it is quite common in men over 60.
  • Having blood pressure problems can lead to erectile dysfunction in the long run. This means that the blood will not flow freely to the penis, and it becomes difficult to sustain an erection in this situation.
  • Similarly, high cholesterol levels and diabetes may also have a negative impact on sexual performance. The blood vessels get affected due to such conditions, and blood cannot flow easily in the penis region that causes erectile dysfunction.
  • Long-term effects of diabetes include damage to blood vessels, which leads to severe sexual problems in most people over the age of 40.
  • Apart from these problems, other chronic illnesses can also damage blood vessels or cause severe inflammation that can affect sexual performance. When such conditions last for many years, they do permanent damage to the sexual organs, and it becomes difficult to have a proper erection for a long period.

Is erectile dysfunction curable?

The sad thing about erectile dysfunction is that it is not completely curable. However, you can manage the condition with proper treatment. The best way is to consult your doctor to get proper ED medication to improve your sexual performance. When you take the medication in the right dosage according to the instructions of your doctor, you can easily manage the symptoms and enjoy your sexual activity without any hassles. There is no need to use the medication when you do not want to engage in sexual activities, and ED medications are not habit-forming in any way. You can safely use them for as long as you want and stop them when you do not want them in the future.

Does ED medication cause any side effects?

There are few side effects of ED medication, and you should be aware of them before using them to boost your libido. Some people may experience headaches and symptoms of nausea while using ED medication. If the symptoms are mild, you can ignore them and carry on with your activities. When you face serious side effects like body cramps and abdominal pain, you can get in touch with your doctor and get proper treatment. It is better to ignore the side effects until your body gets used to ED medication as the side effects usually go away on their own in the long run.

Is ED medication suited for everyone?

Before taking ED medication, you need to be aware that it may not be the right choice for patients suffering from heart-related problems, blood pressure problems and diabetes in some cases. Some of the medications you take to treat such health conditions may interfere with the ED medications and lead to complications. For this reason, you should always consult your doctor when you are suffering from existing health conditions and erectile dysfunction problems. Your doctor will analyze your health condition and suggest suitable alternatives to the over the counter erectile dysfunction medication.

How to prevent ED in middle age?

There are several ways in which you can prevent ED in middle age. You need to understand that getting ED in your 40s is not a common event, which shows that your overall health is not in good condition. You can prevent it easily during middle age by leading a healthy lifestyle and eating the right kind of food.

  • Make sure that you lose weight if you are obese. You should never underestimate obesity as this can cause several illnesses in the long run. It can contribute to ED indirectly by increasing blood sugar levels and blocking the free flow of blood to different organs of the body.
  • Exercise regularly as this will help you stay fit, and your blood pressure and blood glucose levels will stay under control. You will also find it easy to participate in sexual activities when you are strong and fit.
  • Apart from that, a regular workout can also boost the testosterone levels in the body, and this can improve your libido by a huge margin. You should consult your doctor and fitness consultant before starting a complete workout regime.
  • Eat the right kind of healthy foods that boost your overall health. Just like other parts of your body, your sexual organs also need proper nutrition. You will benefit a lot by eating healthy foods that are not too much processed. Avoid eating junk food as they can lead to obesity and increase cholesterol levels in the body.
  • You should strictly stay away from smoking as this has a huge impact on your libido and your overall health. In many cases, sperm count and fertility can decrease by a huge margin if you regularly smoke.
  • Similarly, you should also avoid alcohol, as this has a negative impact on your overall health. When used in moderation, it may help your body to get some benefits. However, regular consumption of alcohol does only bad things to your health. It can lead to several diseases, and your libido will be hit badly when you suffer from alcoholism.
  • Avoid mental stress as this can also have a negative impact on your sex life. Do not carry work stress to home and spend some quality time with your partner to relax your mind. In this way, your body and mind will be better prepared to handle the sexual activity.

In this way, you can get erectile dysfunction problems due to various reasons. However, when the causes are health conditions, you can work on them to get relief from symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Even though ED is not completely curable, it can be effectively managed with proper medication. Many people who are otherwise healthy can easily get an erection when they take ED medication, even in old age. In this way, you can easily handle this problem when you maintain your overall health in good condition.

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