Blood Pressure Medications Not Linked to Depression, New Study Finds

Usually, medicine, which shows results immediately at one end, gets some side effects along with that. It is not the case that happens with every single treatment, but yes, people believe it is with all drugs. Similarly, there is a myth about the blood pressure medicines, too, in which the people think that depression is expected when you are on blood pressure medications. Well, this is not the truth because research says that there is no such evidence for this. Something which should be a matter of worry is that people are decreasing the dose of blood pressure because they think side effects would affect them more. No medicine is present in this world, showing immediate side effects because the primary purpose is to deliver results. On the other hand, it is all assumptions which people are spreading without knowing the facts.

Blood pressure Medicines

Do Blood Pressure Medications Cause Depression?

There are some chemicals present in the Blood pressure medications which have anti-inflammatory effects. It is difficult to say that Blood pressure medicines can cause depression. It is our society that is spreading this rumor, and people believe it. The reason that people are coming across Depression is the belief that these medicines can cause Depression.

Several signs of Depression first come around when a person goes through depression. Some of the significant symptoms are as follows:

Lost Interest

We find interest in things that make us feel good, or we love exploring more about them. When a person goes through depression, then the primary thing is the depressive thought, which stops the brain from working. That is why the person suffering from depression doesn’t find any interest in working on anything. In all situations, they try to escape from it and build fear that it is something from which I should stay away.

Suicidal thoughts

Our brain is intelligent enough to help us build empires, and at the same time, it can generate suicidal thoughts. When a person is in depression, then any small thing that is disturbing usually triggers with more impact. It is the time when people think to quit and end everything by killing themselves.

Extra Sleep or no sleep

In most cases, people generally sleep for more hours than usual, but some cannot sleep well. In both cases, disturbing thoughts are the reason that causes sleep imbalance.

Rapid Breathing

Fear is common when a person is going through depression. The reason is that when the brain is healthy, it can push fear back. In the opposite case, fear conquers the entire mind and doesn’t let the brain do the everyday workings. This fear becomes the reason for rapid breathing.

Medications that help treat High Pressure

They are of the following types

  1. Diuretics

These pills are commonly known as Water Pills, and they help in the secretion of more water from the body. When fluid goes from veins and arteries, then the blood pressure starts going down.

  1. Beta-Blockers

These pills help in the easy flow of blood in the heart and prevent the heart from squeezing. Slowing down of heartbeat is essential, and this medicine is usually present for providing relief in that.

  1. Alpha-Blockers

These pills are there to stop the nerve signals. It is why when the nerve signals send the message to squeeze then, it becomes difficult for the blood to flow—blocking such calls so that there could be a smooth flow of blood.

  1. ACE Inhibitor

It prevents the creation of the hormone that sends the message to the vessels to squeeze and ultimately makes blood flow a little tricky.

Depending on the tests that the doctor runs, it is clear which type of medicines will suit you best. Do not rely on someone’s suggestion while consuming the drug. Visit a doctor, and that’s how the body will start responding in a better way, and that is how the body will manage the flow of blood.

Precautions to take while consuming Blood pressure Medicines

  1. Do not consume Alcohol

Consuming Alcohol could be a matter of risk. When you are on some blood pressure medications, then Alcohol could react and cause some other problems. It is the reason that one should stop consumption as early as possible.

  1. Make sure that doctor knows about the other medications

In case there are already some medicines that an individual is consuming, make sure that the doctor knows about it. There are several medicines which react with blood pressure medicines and can lead to some other problems.

  1. Do not decrease or increase the dose on your own

Increasing or decreasing the dose on your own can affect the ideal time in which the medicine should show results. There could be some other problem that can trigger by increasing the amount, so a proper prescription before consuming any drug is essential.

  1. Take proper Sleep

When Sleep is not proper, then problems like depression, anxiety, and many others become common. The doctors suggest 8 hours of Sleep in a day so that a person can stay active, and the body gets enough rest to do all the processes.

All these precautions are essential to follow, and in case of emergency by consumption of medicine, immediately contact the doctor.


Blood pressure problems are usually not good for the health of the heart. It is better to make some decisions and start the consumption of the right medicine. An individual should also take care of some measures which can help prevent these problems. Moreover, the cloud of doubt should not be there that the blood pressure causes depression as there are no reports which can prove this. There could be plenty of reasons behind depression, but the symptoms which come around are easy to notice. In case the doctor is prescribing some medicine, and then the dosage is under the knowledge of doctors, and they make sure that it does not affect you in the wrong way.



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