Does Semen Retention Actually Do Anything?

If you are someone who has just heard about ‘semen retention’, then you’ve probably been living under the rock. The many online forums and social media have helped put the spotlight on many topics that were otherwise considered taboo in the past. Or, discussion of such topics was often relegated to a small group. One such topic that has come up lately is semen retention. Despite being quite an old tradition, this practice has renewed interest among many for its supposed benefits. Here, we give you a low down of nearly everything you need to know to brush up your knowledge.

Semen Retention

What Is Semen Retention?

Semen Retention is a practice where a man avoids ejaculation, even during lovemaking. Some men do it by abstaining from sex for a set period. Whereas others try and learn how to have the big O without ejaculating.

As much as semen retention might sound like a recent phenomena, the truth is that this practice has been around for some time now. In fact, it has been a part of various ancient traditions where this idea has been merged with spiritual beliefs and self-control. However, most believe that this idea was born because of the perception that frequent semen ejaculation can make a person weak.

Semen retention is also followed by many for various beliefs including improvement of fertility, better physical health as well as improved sexual pleasure. However, for some men, it is the idea of having ultimate self-control over their desires that attracts them to this practice.

Does It Have Any Benefits?

People may practice semen retention for various reasons. But the major benefit that a large number of them seek is being able to retain an erection after achieving an orgasm. It is common knowledge that soon after a normal ejaculation, the male genitalia will not be able to achieve an erection easily. However, by avoiding ejaculation during an orgasm, this situation can not only be avoided but can also provide the opportunity to achieve multiple orgasms. This way, both the partners can try and extend the whole lovemaking experience.

Semen retention is also believed to have other potential benefits. We list some of them here:


  • Increased sexual stamina. By preventing ejaculation, you will be able to prolong the period of lovemaking. Thus, improving your overall sexual stamina.
  • Opportunity for multiple orgasms. Preventing ejaculation can help maintain the erection of the male genitalia and thereby providing the opportunity to explore multiple orgasms with the partner.
  • Improved sperm quality. When you hold back the ejaculation, chances are that the next ejaculation would come with a better force and motility of the sperms.


  • Better self control and self confidence. It is easier for men to give in to ejaculation. However, holding back requires a lot of self control. With time, semen retention can also improve your self control over yourself. This, in turn, can boost your self confidence.
  • Less anxiety and frustration. It is quite common for men to get frustrated when they are unable to satisfy their desires. This can often happen if the other partner isn’t able to indulge in sexual activity due to ill health, distance, or simply not being in the mood. However, practicing semen retention gives men control over themselves. This can also make them less anxious and frustrated.


  • For those men who practice self control through spiritual means, this can help them achieve better self awareness.
  • Having a control over themselves when their partner/wife is not in a position to satisfy them improves understanding between the two. This, in turn, helps improve their family life and bonding with the partner. Thus giving a deeper meaning to their relationship.

How Semen Retention Is Done?

If you wish to practice semen retention, you can begin with abstaining from sex or preventing ejaculation when you achieve the big O. However, this might not be easy right at the onset. You might require good muscle control and something like Kegel exercises might help you gain it. The key to preventing ejaculation is to be able to flex your pelvic muscles.

Here are some recommended exercise techniques that you can follow:

Locate Your Pelvic Muscles – To help you figure out your pelvic muscles, try to stop urinating midway. You’ll notice that certain muscles around your private areas tend to tighten when you do so. These are also the same muscles that help you hold yourself from passing wind. Once you observe them, you’ll realize where these muscles are located.

Exercise Them – Now that you know where the muscles are, you can begin working on them. Start with something simple like contracting your muscles for 3-4 seconds and relaxing them for another 3-4 seconds. Try to contract only your pelvic muscles while keeping your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks relaxed. Continue to breathe freely as you exercise. Do these exercises in sets of 10 for at least 3 times a day to begin with. Once you feel your muscle control has been improving, you can increase the frequency of these exercises until you reach your set goal1.

Apart from these exercises, you can also try condoms that come with a ‘climax control’ feature. One of the reasons that leads to ejaculation is the sensitivity of the male genitalia. The ‘climax control’ condoms are believed to prevent this and prolong the pleasure time.

Should You Practice Semen Retention?

Practicing an idea like semen retention is a personal choice. Like we have discussed, it can be taken up by someone for various reasons. Likewise, the results of semen retention might also vary depending on an individual. If you do wish to take up semen retention, it would be a good idea to discuss this with your doctor first. When you do get into the discussion, it is also prudent to discuss other underlying health issues with your doctor. Based on your overall profile, your doctor might be the best person to advise you. Once you get the green signal, you can go ahead rest assured that you will not be able to regret your decision later.

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