Top 6 Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes often a health condition due to inadequate insulin secretion from the pancreas. The body becomes resistant to insulin. Type 2 diabetes remains common among people who exhibit diabetes. It is a health condition leading to lifelong disease. The body starts rejecting insulin or producing insulin decreases, mostly found in middle-aged or older people, also known as Adult-Onset diabetes.

Diet Plan for Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes mainly developed due to irregular insulin levels or when bodies start developing resistance towards insulin.

Type 2 diabetes

The pancreas usually secretes insulin hormone. Its main work is to help the body absorb and convert glucose by cells into energy. For people who exhibit type 2 diabetes, the body produces insufficient insulin. But insulin is essential as it helps control blood sugar levels and makes energy materials required for daily activities. If the body doesn’t have enough insulin, then the balance of blood glucose levels will be distorted.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes, there won’t be any visible symptoms to list as life-threatening in the beginning. But it will cause complications to internal organic functions such as heart, kidney, nervous system, etc. Signs that might indicate type 2 diabetes are fatigue, slow healing of wounds, feeling very hungry and thirsty, numbness in hands or feet, losing weight, quickly getting an infection, vision problem, etc. These might be mild symptoms which usually ignored by people.

Untreated in the early stage and let stay the health condition for a long time, can cause life-threatening health problems such as kidney damage, eye problems, shearing issues, skin problems, heart and blood vessel diseases, nervous system problems, sleeping issues, etc. Ignoring type 2 diabetes in its early stage leads to disturbing daily life and affects overall body functions.

Risk factors for type 2 diabetes

Many factors can lead to type 2 diabetes. Daily lifestyle and genes can be risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Few conditions that may lead to type 2 diabetes can be changed or avoided to prevent diabetes.

People can prevent themselves from having type 2 diabetes by changing a few daily activities, such as eating, drinking, daily physical activities, and weight.

Factors mentioned above can lead to diabetes if it is not detected correctly or prevented from developing further. Negligence of simple health problems can lead to life-threatening situations due to inadequate treatment in the early stages. Upon a proper diagnosis through the mere early stage, even hereditary diseases are preventable. The primary six risk factors for diabetes type 2 are as follows

  1. Body conditions: Bodily conditions sometimes lead to type 2 diabetes. People who suffer from overweight or obesity have a risk of type 2 diabetes. But it doesn’t guarantee that all over-weight people have type 2 diabetes, but there are chances to develop in some people. Certain fat distributions, like storing fat, mainly in some parts of the body, can be a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Mostly storing fat in the abdomen has high risk than any other body areas like hips and thighs. Proper functioning of internal organs is necessary for a healthy body. Still, due to lifestyle changes that can affect or cause diseases like irregular fat distribution or fat production, it can lead to type 2 diabetes.
  2. Physical activities: The body needs to be active to produce energy by burning fat cells. Physical activities help control body weight by using glucose, where insulin helps glucose conversion to energy conversion. A body with less physical activities can be a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. People consume food to produce energy or do daily activities. Still, if we consume food and don’t do work accordingly, it leads to an imbalance of fat levels in the body, resulting in diabetes health conditions.
  3. Family and ethnicity factors: Descendants of families who have a history of diabetes have the risk of having type 2 diabetes. There will increase in the risk if close relatives like parents or siblings have type 2 diabetes. Some races like Black Americans, American Indians, Alaska natives, Pacific islanders, Asian Americans, and Latino people are at higher risk of having type 2 diabetes.
  4. Age: As the age increases, above 45 have a high risk of type 2 diabetes. Usually, older people exhibit less physical activities because of their body physical structure issues, which leads to weight gain. Thus it significantly increases the chances of having type 2 diabetes. Nowadays, type 2 diabetes is observed in children’s adolescents, and younger adults, basically because they tend to be less active. Aged people suffer from muscle movement issues, which makes it hard for physical activities. Less activeness can leads to storing consumed food into fat and can turn into a factor for diabetes.
  5. Having a history of diabetes: The state of pre-diabetes condition, where blood sugar level is higher than expected, and cannot term to have a diabetic health condition. But if not treated properly, it can develop into type 2 diabetes and other diseases like heart disease and stroke. Gestational diabetes in women during pregnancy, and giving birth to a child weight of fewer than 9 pounds has the risk of developing type 2 diabetes more. Proper diagnostic and remedial action is the need for the hour for people who exhibit a history of insulin issues like pre-diabetes or other insulin resistance problems. The health condition reverses to normal without any diabetic trace that would help prevent diabetes in its future occurrence.
  6. Due to other diseases: Sometimes, different diseases or health problems may become the risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome suffer from irregular menstrual periods, and obesity has a high risk of diabetes. Problems like having a low level of HDL cholesterol or high level of triglycerides simply can say that metabolic syndrome can aid in developing type 2 diabetes. History of having heart diseases or a stroke can also be a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Depression is the new addition as a risk factor for diabetes occurrence.

The proper functioning of internal organs helps a healthy body to function normally. If the body has issues or diseases that affect any part of the body, it can lead to another health problem due to previous underlying disease or its side effects.

Maintaining proper nutrient balance in the body is essential as many diseases develop because of improper body maintenance. An unhealthy diet can lead to diabetes, where people don’t eat proper meals full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc.

The factors mentioned above induce the development of diabetes. However, adopting a healthy lifestyle through required methods helps prevent or even reduce the effects of these diabetic inducing factors, further preventing diabetes. A Simple change in daily routine can change many things, such as maintaining a proper diet can bring a healthy body to a healthy state.

One cannot avoid getting aged, but maintaining the body daily from an early age can make the body fit even during older age. Thus, performing physical activities like a young person, which also protects them from other diseases.


Removing the root cause of the problem is essential to prevent it from rising or even reoccur. So the factors that may lead to diabetes need to be attended in its initial stage like these risk factors mentioned above.

Type 2 diabetes has become common in older people who exhibit a hard time due to their health condition. Some symptoms highlight that a person has diabetes or has a chance of having diabetes in the future. But cutting the source that creates the diabetic situation can avoid having or growing factors that can lead to type 2 diabetes shortly.

Typically tattoo diabetes is ignorable, as by itself is not life-threatening. However, tattoo diabetes can create body complications, which may lead to harmful diseases or damage body internal organs. Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps to prevent type 2 diabetes. A healthy lifestyle always includes eating healthy food, doing daily physical activities. Maintaining a good body structure means a healthy weight and mainly avoiding the factor that causes the risk of diabetes development.

When a person realizes that their bodies are showing some symptoms regarding diabetes, it is advisable to do a quick check-up. The problem detection in the early stage helps to cure quickly. Proper health maintenance is an essential factor that can prevent diabetes. People usually prefer comfort lifestyle or not to do much work. Consume food of taste choice as they do not count as a healthy lifestyle.

Everyone understands the saying “diabetic prevention is better than diabetic cure,” so avoid the factors that lead you to an uncomfortable future. Stay fit to remain healthy.

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