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Does Drinking Wine Ruin Affect Your Weight

Alcohol and Weight

Consumption of alcohol is considered as one of the favorite ways to enjoy relaxation. But it is wisely said anything, and everything that crosses moderation is harmful. The same goes for every alcoholic drink irrespective of the amount of alcohol percentage present. So, does alcohol consumption has an impact on weight? The answer is not that straightforward. When alcohol enters your body, the body’s metabolism slows down, and the alcohol is given priority to be broken down, and that is where fat burning is slowed down. But the impact factor is dependent on the drinking quantity, frequency, and post-drinking eating habits of an individual.

Now, to be more specific, does Wine affect weight? Many studies have shown that Red Wine helps to maintain weight if consumed in moderate quantity. Wine is more preferred over other liquors because it has its benefits like it cut downs white fat, keeps you look younger, etc.

But why is it so necessary to keep the quantity moderate if it’s beneficial to health?
Firstly Wine is also considered as an alcoholic drink as it consists of 11-16% alcohol. Secondly, a glass of Wine includes 90-180 calories, and alcohols are high in calories but too deficient in nutrients.

The human body requires calories to enabling them into energy, but most of the alcohol that we consume is converted into acetic acid and is thrown out of the body through urine. So, Wine alone cannot lead to weight gain but the various factors that are involved like how much you drink, how many times a day or week and finally the food you consume along or after Wine drinking does play a crucial role in the weight gain.


How Wine can cause weight gain

  1. Empty calories: Everything is fine until you consume a moderate amount of wine. But that one extra glass of wine can add up unnecessary calories. The calories that we consume through Alcohol are not at all rich in nutrients, and that’s why they are known as empty calories. These calories do not make us feel satiate and thus increase our hunger, leading to overeating and increased fats.
  2. Slows down the Fat burning process: When we consume any alcohol in excess quantity, our body’s focus shifts to the breaking down of Alcohol. Our body starts converting energy from these empty calories, which are not sufficient.
    In addition to this body’s first preference becomes Alcohol and all other food that is consumed becomes a secondary preference to be broken down. In this process, while the focus is shifted to Alcohol, the food and other consumption start depositing in the body as fats. Thus that extra glass of wine too can act as a barrier in the fat-burning process. 
  3. Impulsive cravings and unhealthy food choices: We all know that post-drinking nobody craves for a healthy salad. Excess Alcohol can make you crave for some snacky food. These cravings mostly are of unhealthy food, and very quickly we make unhealthy choices. As the extra glass of wine already promotes excess calorie intake, disturbs fat burning and now this unhealthy food is just an increment in the fats.
    Eating those unhealthy food items can no doubt give a weight gain and also increase obesity.
  4. Affects the digestive system: Alcohol puts stress on our body’s digestion process. When Alcohol enters our body, the only organ that knows how to deal with it is our Liver. But while we surpass the moderate quantity of wine and when it is passing through our body, it stresses our intestines and stomach.
    In the normal process of digestion is to break the food into molecules to energy. However, as a result of the alcoholic characteristic is said to be empty calories body fails to absorb nutrients. Thus complicates the digestive organs to follow the usual process, increasing the chances of storage of fats leading to weight gain.
  5. Promotes system slow down: Excessive amount of alcohol can suppress the central nervous system, in turn, slows down all the functions of our body, and we feel tired lazy the whole day. A moderate quantity of wine every day is excellent but what is not alright is the addiction to excessive drinking of the same Wine,

Leading to higher levels of unresponsiveness and system slowdown, which can make you react slowly or irrationally in your daily choices too. The situation can not only lead you to mess up routine but also obesity if not taken seriously.

Ways to maintain weight while enjoying Wine

  1. Control the pour: Its always the “quantity” that matters while consuming your Wine. Count the calories you are consuming from one glass of Wine and watch out the glasses of wine you are planning to enjoy. Follow one easy step to control that moderate level of consuming Wine and then not worry about the weight gain
  2. Follow reward-based consumption: Make your own rules to balance your weight and wine consumption. Earn that glass of wine-based on your commitment to exercise, healthy choices, etc. This reward-based wine consumption will help you to maintain the balance between your healthy choices versus the allowance to drink or not drink the Wine—a simple trick to keep a check over your healthy habit and reward yourself the Wine accordingly.
  3. Drink Wine along with the meal: Wine is that alcoholic drink which can go best with a tasty meal too. Also, it has its benefit, i.e. you can very quickly balance both the intake food and the Wine, not only helps to consume moderate Wine but also no snacky cravings or unhealthy choices out of excess wine consumption. Also, it will stop you from consuming empty calories and not feel satiate and make unhealthy food choices and lead to the fat collection in the body.
  4. Stay hydrated while drinking: Water is a non-calorie drink. To make the alcohol in your body to breakdown, find its way to the liver and then out of your body through urine hydration is one of the most critical elements. Keeping a bottle of water and sipping this non-calorie beverage, on the other hand, can prove essential step indigestion. You are ensuring not to disturb the digestive system and not dehydrate you the next day. This way, maintaining your health can help you not trigger your weight gain.
  5. Consider other factors too: Yes, there are few internal factors that you need to consider while you choose to drink glass/es of wine.

Various factors like

  • your daily diet,
  • genetical Passover,
  • gender,
  • exercise,
  • age and
  • If any ongoing disease or history.

These factors are not only to be checked for side-effects but for your well-being too.

Any of these factors can be directly or indirectly related to your weight factor, and the combination of its effects with wine can cause more complications in your weight loss or maintenance.

Moderate consumption of wine is the only solution not to become the victim of weight gain. But yes there are times when we over-drink on some occasions but can’t overlook the weight factor.

Along with following the ways as mentioned above to balance weight and wine consumption you can add PhenQ dieting formula uniquely designed to burn stored fats in the body and suppress appetite to help you with hassle-free weight loss.


Wine is considered one of the preferred drinks for both weight gain, and because of its benefits. But cutting back wine from the diet to control your weight is not required. A moderate quantity of alcohol followed with proportional choices can prove useful in maintaining weight and enjoy the relaxation with the alcohol. Sometimes, it’s not just the wine that has to increase the weight but also the sides, food, and habits we undertake while relaxing with the glass of wine. So, it’s essential to watch over these habits to check its impact on weight.

Wine consumption even though it is a better choice during your journey of weight loss, it is necessary to keep other factors in consideration too. Ask yourself a few questions like “What wine?” “How much?” “How many times?” “What healthy choice afterward”? These questions will not only help you keep a thorough check over your decisions but also help you limit your consumption. This way, you can enjoy your glass of wine without actually worrying about weight gain in the back of your mind while drinking.

Remember, everybody has a different way of reaction within the body. Hence, a doctor’s suggestion and recommendation is a must while you are on a weight loss program and thinking of consuming wine.

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