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5 Reasons You May Gain Weight During Lockdown

While the world is practising social distancing, we are here trying to find solace with food. The world paused with the rising cases of coronavirus. While many countries have imposed lockdowns, the huge population is all spending their time at home. In such a situation, it is quite possible for you to easily gain weight due to reduced physical activity and hogging food all the time. Have you realized that you feel much hungrier at home rather than at work? Yes, we feel you. Staying at home will make you a binge eater, making you gain weight which is quite not a good sign.

The lockdown has led to stress eating, which in turn leads to overeating. Watching our favourite shows on television with delicious snacks is what you lookout. However, if this routine is practised every single day, it will eventually show up around your waist. You will gain weight easily, which cannot be great news for you. In this time of lockdown, there are also no gyms that will help you lose that flab. Hence, it is totally up to you how to take measures to ensure you don’t gain extra weight. Below are the five reasons why you may gain weight during the lockdown.

  1. Skipping Routines

During a normal day at work, your body is accustomed to a certain routine every day. Wake up. Meditate. Work out. Have your tea or coffee. Get breakfast. Get ready. Go to work. Come home. Eat. Sleep. A daily routine with these tasks, helps your body gets used to the routine. However, in this time of lockdown, it can be quite tough to follow your routines since you are at home. A study showed a change in routine could lead to overeating which in turn causes weight gain. When your body does not follow routines, it is set to procrastinate. With a lot of time in your hands, you finally end up eating rather unhealthy food as compared to healthy food, as the first step that leads to weight gain. Once you gain weight, it can be quite difficult to lose that extra weight.

  1. Surrounding Yourself with Unhealthy Food

Unhealthy Food

If your pantry only stores canned foods, noodles, pasta, and all sorts of readymade stuff, you are bound to indulge yourself in these. However, they are not the perfect choice if you need to maintain your weight. Your body will show up if this is the kind of food you intake. If you stock up on unhealthy food, you are sure to gain oodles of weight. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with nutritious and healthy food, your body will thank you for the same. Stock up on groceries, fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, and all kinds of nutritious food that is available.

  1. Missing Out On Workouts


When you tend to stay at home, you miss out on exercising. Physical inactivity is also known to trigger weight gain. If you binge eat and follow no exercise routine, then you are sure to gain weight, also vital to keep a check on the energy calorie values. Additionally, it is also important to work out to keep your body fit and healthy. Furthermore, exercise is known to keep your mind and body sane.

  1. Making the Bedroom A Dining Room

During holidays, we often tend to turn the bedrooms into a dining room. If you bring food to the bedroom, you will not be able to keep your hands off it. Hence, it is advised to keep food away from the bedroom. If you need to eat, get up and leave the bedroom. If nothing else works, your laziness will keep you away from stuffing yourself.

  1. Being Inactive

During this time of lockdown, a majority of people are assigned work from home. Their jobs are usually sitting in front of the computer screen for long hours at a stretch, resulting in not being active. Being physically inactive means your body is not moving around much. Often these lead to an instant weight gain. Though your work schedules may be hectic, make sure to walk around at regular intervals right at your home. Do not sit in one place for long durations of time. Do some meditation or yoga in between for a change.

Here we bring you certain tips that will help you to avoid overeating or binge eating. Read on till the end and know how to keep yourself fit even after this lockdown is withdrawn.

  1. Plan Meals

It is best to keep your shopping trips to the grocery store to the minimum in this lockdown season. For this, you need to plan your meals every week, allowing you to shop as per your needs. Make sure you have enough freezer space so that you can store milk and other essentials. Only step out when it’s necessary as it will reduce the risk of exposure.

  1. Stay Busy

It is often said that when you are bored, you are more inclined to snack in food. As this snacking increases, you are prone to hog on food. Additionally, this will result in weight gain. Ensure to remain busy as much of your schedule. Keep yourself engaged in daily activities. Engage in housework, gardening, find hobbies that interest you. The regime not only gives you a focus but also ensure that each day is well spent.

  1. Exercising

What better way to kick start your day with exercising. Being fit and healthy is crucial to maintain immunity. A stronger body finds it hard to fall sick often. You can exercise just at home by following simple exercise routines. Additionally, with the current lockdown, it is impossible to find gyms. Hence, the best way is to find online workout routines and practice them at home. Involve your family as that will add more fun to your sessions. Alternatively, be active all the time. Practice social distancing and follow all the norms. However, you can simply go for a stroll in the park. Get fresh air as much as possible as that will refresh your mind.

  1. Set Routines

Even though you are just at home, it is possible to establish a routine for yourself. Once you set a routine, it becomes much easier for your body to accommodate the same. When you set a time for eating, sleeping, working, and relaxing, the process is simpler. Stick to this structure and follow the routine strictly. Following routines will help you regulate your appetite. It will also help you to avoid snacking and eating unhealthy meals.

  1. Control Your Stress Levels

Weight gain is highly linked to growing stress levels. During this time of a pandemic, there are also growing levels of stress around. People are panicked over the situation. Besides, there is work from home. All of this situation can take a toll on your health which can lead to overeating. Try to remain as calm as possible. If you find yourself to be growing restless, try to meditate. It is a great way to relax your body and mind.

  1. Get Plenty Of Sleep

No matter what, never compromise on your sleep. Sleep is essential for every individual despite circumstances. Individuals with inadequate sleep often feel hungry, consume more food, and do not follow any exercise regimen. Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of why you may gain weight. Besides, deprival of sleep known to reduce body metabolic activity. Hence, make sure you get 8-9 hours of sleep daily.


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