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You dream of flawless skin and invest a lot of money on skin treatments and high-end skincare products. But while a lot of skin problems are resolved easily and can be hidden underneath layers of makeup, skin tags remain there, prominently visible.

So, you try more treatments and products. Instead of dropping off or reducing in size, the skin tags start itching, and there is general discomfort. Instead of looking your best, you start hiding and staying at home.

Some products are very helpful. Instead of opting for surgeries and innumerable visits to the dermatologist, why not use a well-researched and effective product, in addition to the home remedies that you are already trying.

Skingenix is a product tested to be safe and effective and promises to heal skin tags. It is a natural cream, which is designed for all skin types and can be used by everyone.

Read along to know all about the Skingenix solution.



A majority of the American population suffers some form of skin tags or acrochorda. The tags occur in any person, irrespective of age or gender. It is a common problem that is not life-threatening or fatal but can cause more discomfort, such as itching. Also, it looks unsightly. Here is a treatment that is painless, quick, and chemical-free.

Skingenix cream is a topical cream that is formulated to reduce the skin tags on your skin. Moles or skin tags on the face, underarms, neck, or any part of the body can be healed without painful surgeries.

Extensive research, tests, experiments, and analyses were carried out by a team of experienced dermatologists, leading to the formulation of this natural healing solution. This formula is quick in healing without any burning sensation on your skin.

A combination of proven age-old techniques makes this lotion stand out from other medical treatments and skin lotions. These techniques disregarded by the pharma world is effective for its pain-free healing methods. Skingenix is a good alternative to expensive medical techniques. This lotion is safe, devoid of chemicals, and heals you naturally.


Skingenix is made of natural ingredients, including jojoba oil.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins B and E, which are essential for healing and protection of the skin. This oil is an extract from the perennial jojoba plant. With its antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties, this oil heals your skin. Besides, it prevents acne, acrochorda, and all kinds of skin allergies.

Jojoba oil is a gentle moisturizer and cleanser, suitable for all skin types. It helps relieve itching, dryness, and discomfort on your skin.

The manufacturers do not disclose all the ingredients of the product to maintain its commercial secret. However, they have mentioned that the cream is made of 100% safe and natural compounds.

skingenix review

How Does Skingenix Work?

Skingenix works at the cellular level of the skin. This helps in treating the root cause of acrochorda, thereby preventing them from reoccurring. It works in the following ways:

  1. Stops hydration supply to acrochorda
  2. Dries the skin tags
  3. Prevents recurrence or regrowth of skin tags or moles

When you apply Skingenix on the affected area, it stops hydration supply to the skin tags, preventing regrowth. Once the hydration flow is stopped to the affected area, the skin tag dries off, withers and falls off.

With regular use of this cream, the skin tag will dry off without affecting the other areas in the skin. Once the skin tag falls off, this cream continues to nourish the skin and keep it healthy and free of acrochorda. Skingenix protects your skin from the new growth of skin tags too.

How To Use Skingenix

Skingenix is cost-effective, safe, and easy to use. This topical application is painless in comparison to invasive surgeries to remove tags.

Follow three simple steps to heal your skin tags.


Before using the cream on the skin tag, clean the area properly with water.


Apply the cream over the skin tag with an applicator or a cosmetic pad and leave it for some time.


In a matter of six to eight hours, the skin tag will dry and fall automatically. If required, reapply the cream for complete healing.

The acrochordon heals faster than the expensive medical pill and surgeries.

Is Skingenix Safe To Use?

Yes, Skingenix is safe to use. The product is made of pure ingredients without the addition of harmful chemicals. This makes it safe for all skin types.

Benefits of Skingenix

  • The Skingenix gives you the following benefits:
  • With these completely natural and ancient techniques, it removes skin tags and moles in less time.
  • It prevents the reoccurrence of skin tags.
  • It does away with painful surgical methods and expensive pills.
  • The healing works in a few hours, making it safe and quick.
  • There is no need to worry about staining your clothes with this cream, as it can be washed with water.
  • Skingenix removes the skin tags permanently, healing you forever.

Side Effects of Skingenix

  • The use of Skingenix cream has no adverse effects documented until date.

Purchase & Price

Skingenix is available at reasonable prices. You can choose a suitable package and place your order. Available package details are given below –

  1. The Best Selling Package

In this package, you get three bottles in a single order. This package is the most sought after with each bottle costing you only $44.99. The total cost of the package is $134.97.

  1. The Tier Two Package

With this package, you get two bottles. One bottle costs $49.99. This package costs you $99.98.

  1. The Sampler Package

This package has a single bottle for sale. One bottle costs $59.99.

If you are lucky, you will get a free bottle of premium Biotin formula with your order. Free shipping on all your orders.

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Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy

Although this product is proven and certified safe, the manufacturer provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You have one month to try this product. If you are dissatisfied and do not perceive results as promised, feel free to contact customer service. You can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. You will have a hassle-free refund with no queries asked.


  1. How long does it take for the skin tags to heal?

After applying the cream topically, the skin tag will dry and fall off within 6-8 hours.

  1. How long does it take for the delivery of the product?

The product will be delivered to your doorstep within 5-7 business days.

  1. Who can use Skingenix?

Skingenix is not restricted to anyone for usage. Any man or woman, irrespective of age, who has acrochorda, can use Skingenix topical cream.

  1. When should I use Skingenix cream?

There is no specific direction for the time of use. You can use it at your convenient time. Make sure to let the cream stay on the skin tag for 6-8 hours. Reapply on the surface for better results, if required.

  1. Does Skingenix give lasting benefits?

Yes, Skingenix gives you a permanent recovery from skin tags and moles. It works at the root of the acrochordon to eradicate it, preventing further growth of skin tags.

  1. How to place an order of Skingenix?

Go to the official website of the manufacturer’s website and click on the ‘Order Now’ button. You can choose the package that you want, enter your name, contact details, and make payment using your debit card. You will be taken through a safe and secure payment. Once you make the payment, the product will be shipped to your address.


  1. This topical cream is easy to use.
  2. No harmful chemicals added.
  3. A painless treatment without scars.
  4. A natural and quick healing lotion.
  5. This cream is safe and natural.


Skingenix is available only on its official website to maintain the originality and quality of the product.

Customer Testimonials

My work involves many outdoor projects. Skin tags often occur on my face. Going for surgeries was a scare to me. I tried some medical pills with little improvements. The skin tags were itchy and made me uncomfortable. My wife found Skingenix online and placed an order immediately. With little hope, I tried the skin cream. I was surprised to see my skin tags disappear in a few hours. This cream is so effective. I recommend this to anyone looking for a natural solution to heal your skin tarts. ~ Mason Tomson

I had skin tags on my face. I opted for cosmetic surgeries but they would come up again. In addition to the discomfort, I felt so embarrassed to attend meetings and parties with my friends. I spent so much money to remove the skin tags and it turned futile. I felt so dejected. One day, my friend bought me a Skingenix cream. Reading that it is a natural cream, I thought that the healing process would be too slow. When I first used the cream, I felt nothing. I reapplied on the skin tag as directed, the results turned amazing. My skin tags have fallen off with no scars on my face. I am glad I got this cream in hand. My skin looks nourished and healthy. ~ Natalie Aubrey

I had large skin tags on my face and hands. I felt awkward and embarrassed about it. I tried a few medical treatments, which added further allergies in my body. I felt like there was no way out and I had to live with it all my life. As I was surfing the internet for remedies, I found this natural solution for skin tags. I placed an order, which arrived at my doorstep in less than a week. I used this cream on my skin tags and they disappeared in two weeks. The skin tags never appeared again. This cream has made my skin look so smooth and young. ~ Olivia Brayden

I am twenty-two years old. I had smooth soft skin but suddenly skin tags began to appear on my face. I felt so bad and embarrassed. My boyfriend treated me normally but I felt a little reluctant to go out with him. I tried some cosmetic treatments but they served as a temporary solution. The skin tags appeared again. My boyfriend bought me a bottle of Skingenix. I used the cream over my skin tags and they healed in less than a week. I was afraid of having skin tags again but they never appeared again. Thanks to the manufacturers of Skingenix. The cream has helped me get back to normal. ~ Tina Williams

I suffered from painful skin tags that kept me from doing my normal chores. I felt restless due to itchiness and pain. I tried medical pills and had a couple of surgeries to remove the acrochorda from my skin. The process of healing was painful as I suffered blisters after medical treatment. After weeks of healing from the surgery, the skin tags appeared again. I felt so disappointed. 

I found the Skingenix cream and decided to try it. I used the cream on my skin tags. After regular use for two to three weeks, the skin tags are completely gone. This treatment is inexpensive yet highly beneficial. I am so glad I do not have to undergo painful surgeries and wait for a few days of healing. My skin looks smooth and there is no recurrence of skin tags too. ~Logan Jackson


Everybody likes to have smooth and healthy skin. Skingenix helps you keep your skin free of all skin tags and moles.

This topical solution acts fast on your skin to heal your skin tags. This product is pure, GMO-free, and devoid of fish products. With a certified GMP facility, Skingenix is scientifically tested for its benefits. This product works on the root cause of the problem and heals the itchy skin tags. Furthermore, it prevents the recurrence of skin tags. This cream keeps the skin hydrated, maintaining its smoothness, shiny, and nourished texture.

With no chemicals and toxic substances, the cream gives you a safe treatment on your skin tags. You can maintain your skin tone and look younger with the use of this product. Save your money with this cost-effective, skin tag healing solution.

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