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6 Ways that Help You Stick to Your Workout

Setting targets and making a schedule to do exercises can be easy, but doing them might be a bit different. You might be too lazy to start your exercises due to a lack of motivation. Motivate yourself by reading positive things about exercising. If possible, find a coach or a training partner who can motivate you to keep going. These are some of the various ways that can make you stick to your workout.


Six ways to help you stick to your workout

Find a personal trainer

Having a personal trainer or coach may keep you on track. The personal trainer can help you achieve your exercising goals and targets by being on your side throughout the journey of enduring exercises. Your trainer can plan your training schedule and help you to follow it without fail. The trainer helps to show you how to undertake some exercises that might be difficult to do.  A personal trainer can motivate you to continue exercising so that you reach your destination.


  • The trainer teaches you how to learn some exercises by demonstrating.
  • The trainer makes sure that you don’t get injuries by monitoring you while you are exercises
  • Your trainer can motivate you to reach your goals by encouraging you to do exercises. Your trainer might push you to reach your targets by following the schedule
  • The trainer gives you a plan on how to train. Your train may come up with various exercises that match your goals and targets. As an individual, it might be challenging to come up with a proper plan and schedule that might help you to reach your exercising goals

Plan your exercises

You must have a plan so that you execute it accordingly. Having a plan makes you become an organized person when it comes to training. If you have a trainer, you might be assisted to plan your exercises for a week or a month. Your plan must have the type of exercises that you can do according to the goals that you want to achieve. Poor planning might give negative results that might dampen your spirit to exercise. Make sure that you come up with a feasible plan that won’t interfere with other activities. For instance, if you are working, you should consider your working hours and the type of work that you do. Come up with a plan that you will be able to follow without distraction. If you don’t have a personal trainer to assist you with a training plan or schedule, you can find an application that can assist you to come up with a plan of exercises and schedule.


  • Having a schedule makes it easy to exercise and achieve goals
  • Having a plan can make you prepare your day. You can also prepare your mind before going to the gym or starting your exercises.
  • A plan makes you stay on track and maintain your routine

Set goals

When training, you should set goals that you want to achieve. You must not expect your body to achieve the set goals within a short time. Give yourself time to achieve the goals and be consistent in exercising to achieve those goals. You must also set the right goals that are achievable. Avoid setting goals that might stress you and end up quitting the gym due to failure to attain the set goals. Set goals that are realistic, specific, measurable, and attainable. You must also set a timeframe to achieve your exercising goals. For instance, an example of a specific goal might be: I want to be able to do at least 20 push-ups by the end of a week. This goal is measurable, attainable, and has a timeframe. You can also set bigger goals, such as losing weight within a specified timeframe.


  • Setting out goals makes you train and exercise with a purpose
  • Goals can make you focus on the exercises that will help you achieve the set goal
  • You can choose exercises according to your goals instead of doing a lot of various exercises
  • Goals can motivate you to keep exercising to achieve them
  • Achieving goals makes you happy and healthy

Be accountable

Setting goals, coming up with a schedule, and a plan to train might not be complicated. But making sure that those goals are a reality might require you to be committed and be accountable. You must make sure that your goals don’t end up in a diary. Be accountable to yourself and do the exercises according to the plan and schedule so that you achieve your goals. If you find it difficult to be accountable on your own, you may use your training partner or fitness trainer.

Understanding that you need to report to someone might challenge you to work hard to impress and give periodic updates in the absence of the training partner, you can use a family member or a friend whom you can be giving updates and feedback about your training goals and achievements. Reporting your progress to someone else can assist you in being accountable for exercising.


  • Being accountable can push you to achieve your exercising goal and plans
  • Makes you put your plans into reality
  • You can realize your progress

Link your exercises with something that you enjoy

Doing your exercise through activities that you enjoy can make you stick to your schedule and be able to realize benefits. Exercising must not be boring. If it’s interesting, you can keep on doing it without setbacks. Doing exercises with an activity that you enjoy may boost your mood and energy to perform better. Most people go to the gym with headphones that assist in focusing as they do exercises. You can also walk or run while going to the shops or do a dance routine while doing house chores. You can stretch your body while seated on your couch at home. There are various exercises that you can do while doing other activities, help you achieve many goals at once.


  • You can enjoy training and keep on doing more exercises
  • You can achieve many targets at the same time
  • Doing something that you like can boost your mood and suppress depression
  • You might not feel any pain of exercising

Do various exercises

Your plan must have various types of exercises so that you challenge your body in different ways to keep it fit. Adhering to a schedule might be boring, and you might end up losing interest in exercising. Your schedule should have intense and simple workouts so that you don’t overwhelm your body. It is advisable to start your exercises slowly before doing intense exercise to put your body in form. You can start by warm-up exercises such as slow jog, standing side bends, jumping ropes, and more to make sure your body is taking off quickly. Ending your exercise stressfree is also necessary. Your body must be prepared to end the exercises correctly. You can do stretch exercises at the end of intense exercises to relax your body.


  • Gives your body a balanced exercise
  • Improves fitness of your body by strengthening the different body parts
  • Challenges your body

Other ways

If you find it challenging to use the above tips, you can use Custom Keto Plan, a diet plan that can help to lose weight by following a meal plan. You must also watch out your diet. You must eat healthily and don’t skip meals. You might consider visiting a nutritionist who might advise you accordingly. Don’t starve your body, and you might end up having headaches or being dizzy. Make sure that you take more fluids to keep your body hydrated. You may consider rewarding yourself for the achieved goals. Rewards can motivate you to keep on exercising. You must invest your money and time to accomplish your goals in exercises. But adequate training material and make sure that you set aside time to do exercises.


Sticking to your workout might be easy if you follow the above tips.  Achievements rely on how serious you are in executing your plans. You must have goals that are achievable and measurable. Be accountable to yourself and do various exercises that can keep you going to the gym. Have a partner and do exercises that you like to keep your mind stress free while enjoying the benefits of exercising.

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