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Be it a low waist pair of jeans, a well-fitted shirt or even a bikini, we all want to look good while sporting it. However, with the current scale of a considerable number of obesity-related cases coming up and about, it is not hidden how serious the matter is.

Along with being obese, a lot of other factors come to action — chances of having high blood pressure, diabetes and heart-related diseases, increases.

Not only that, in a lot of cases, where obesity runs in the family, it even passes on to the next generation. They too gain weight easily and have a very high risk of having these heart-related diseases that their parents had.

And sadly, losing weight is more difficult than gaining it, at least in 95% of the cases.

But thankfully there are several options for people these days, other than plain diets and boring gyms.

PhenQ is one such magic pill that promises to help you in losing all that accumulated fat over the years. Following, we shall discuss what this hype about PhenQ is all about.

Phenq review

PhenQ has been rated as one of the most popular and anticipated products of the year. It is said to have a lot of natural ingredients that make it so appealing. It works for both men and women.

What it essentially does, is, it suppresses your appetite, thus curbing you from consuming those guilty pleasure desserts and snacks; And since there is lesser calorie intake than usual, there is weight loss. Thus, its appetite curbing property is the one that helps in making it easier for you to lose weight.

Being a logical consumer, you would certainly not buy a product solely because of what it claims, but also do your research. Here, a question arises whether to believe all the positive reviews which are quite ambiguous as it may be a marketing strategy of the company to make its product look sellable.

The company is very clear with its objective and knows their target audience. It has been in the market for the last ten years; it is a trusted brand and already has been successful in creating a large audience for itself.

A small research on the product shows that it not only aims at helping you lose all that accumulated fat over the years, but also the other unnecessary deposits in your body. Thus, receiving an overall development in your body. However, its main agenda is to drop all that unwanted fat in your body.

According to the prescribed intake, two pills should be consumed every day. This is the required and safe amount; And if you are concerned if it will make you look weary or wasted, then let me tell you that it gives a glow to your skin that otherwise, comes naturally with your body getting healthy.

In accordance with the reviews of several people who have used this product, it can be concluded that PhenQ gives results in a minimum amount of time; Thus, people looking to achieve a target in a short period may go for this product.

The thing about the online purchase is that you will solely have to rely on the reviews that, that particular product has, both positive and negative; And PhenQ is no exception.


phenq ingredients

The capsule is made up of several products, a few of which are discussed below.

  • Capsimax Powder: it is a fat-blasting powder made out of a mixture of capsicum, piperine, and caffeine. Capsicum and piperine (essentially containing black pepper) are known to increase thermogenesis in the body.

Thus helping in fuelling up the fat burning process. Several studies have shown that, by combining capsicum with piperine, you may even stop the production of fat building cells.

  • Chromium Picolinate: This mineral is responsible for fulfilling one of the most vital requirements of the body that is naturally found in meats, vegetables, and whole grains. This mineral helps in controlling the blood sugar levels in the body.

The logic behind using this is that, when we consume sugary foods, the blood absorbs the sugar and uses it for energy; and when you have enough sugar in your blood system, your craving for it will stop.

So, chromium here helps in absorbing as much sugar as possible, making you crave a lot less sugar than usual. Hence, it helps in weight loss.

  • Caffeine: is another ingredient used in it. It is known for being a natural stimulus that spikes up the adrenaline and accelerates the fat-burning process. No wonder is used in so many weight loss pills and energy bars and drinks.

Additionally, it curbs your hunger. And most importantly, it fuels that thermogenesis process that in turn heats up the body and improves your workouts.

  • Nopal: is the name of a cactus. Its primary function is to provide so much fiber that it curbs the hunger to a great extent. When consumed, it provides the body with high levels of energy, thus keeping excess weight at bay.
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate: is an amino acid that is found naturally in red meats, nuts and many green vegetables that helps the body convert fat storage into energy.

phenq weight pills

How does it work?

PhenQ guarantees to work on your accumulated fat in five different ways, the ways are: to burn fat, stop fat production, it will suppress your appetite, boost your energy, and it improves your diet.

Science and research have gone into the making of this product as they use their trademark formula of “α-Lacys Reset®”. This formula helps in accelerating your metabolism and ignites your body’s thermal reaction to help you burn fat and reach your goal in no time.

Metabolism, in simple words, means a chemical reaction that occurs in your body, in which the food and drinks are converted into energy. During this process, the foods and drinks we consume, are combined with oxygen and then this energy is released into the body when it functions.

By consuming PhenQ, you also intake with it, “α-Lacys Reset” that further goes on to boost the body’s metabolism.

Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in the body. When there is increased metabolism, there is an increase in thermogenesis, thus burning the calories in the body and “α-Lacys Reset” generates more heat and fuels up this process causing the burn more calories than usual.

The bottom line of it all is that no harm has been discovered till the date of consuming this pill. Anyway, it is made following the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)’s guidelines, so it is a trusted product for those whose aim is to lose weight and attain their target.

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  • The first and foremost feature of this product is that it guarantees a weight loss.
  • It promises to get rid of that immovable body fat that has been accumulated over the years.
  • It helps you curb your hunger and in controlling your appetite.
  • It does not make you look weary and fatigued like other weight loss supplements.
  • The aftermath of weight loss is improved self-confidence.
  • The product is from a trusted brand; hence it is a legal product.
  • And since it is FDA approved, you can rely on its ingredients which are of high quality.
  • It does not have a lot of unrecognized or unheard-of ingredients, they all are 100% of natural origin and composition
  • It has an impressive results rate.
  • And thankfully, no doctor’s prescription is required for it.
  • It is suitable for vegans
  • It has great user reviews on different sites
  • It also gives a 60-day, full cashback guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results.


Each packet is said to be containing 60 pills which will satiate your needs for about a month as one needs to consume two pills every day.

PhenQ weight loss supplements can be purchased from its official website only and can be shipped to any part of the world.

The cost of each bottle is $69.95, which they claim is a $10 discount from its original price of $79.95.

If you buy two supplement bottles, you will also receive another bottle free of charge at the price of $139.90, which is a discount of $100 from the starting price of $239.85

And the best deal would come when you purchase 3 PhenQ bottles. You will receive two bottles free at the cost of $189.95, which is a discount of $210 from the initial price of $399.75.

This seems to be the most economical; however, you should purchase according to your needs. They also deliver it free of cost.

phenq guarantee

Money-back guarantee & Refund Policy

The company is pretty confident about its product and has a 60-day return policy.

The company also claims that if this product fails to deliver what it promises, then you can return it within 67 days of when it is delivered to you. The company will also refund 100% of the cost price but will retain the shipping charges.

You can thus, shop risk-free on this site as it returns your money, in case you are unsatisfied.


  • Its purchase can be made online only and that too from its official website.
  • It is a little costly

Buy PhenQ from the official website & Save up to $210 Now!

Customer Review

PhenQ before and after result

Nancy has been on the heavier side throughout her life. She has struggled with weight loss for many years and has tried all the diets under the sun. She has been tried to do a combination of diet and heavy exercise but to no avail. As she gradually advanced through her age, the excess weight started causing her problems not only health-wise but also in her private moments.

She started avoiding her friends and started secluding herself, which affected her confidence as well. Her husband then suggested her to try PhenQ supplement and she did see a remarkable difference in herself. She thanks PhenQ for returning her confidence back.

PhenQ before and after pic

Henry had been a fit kid throughout his school and college. And as he started working a typical 9-5 job, he started putting on weight, especially around the belly area, which affected his personality and his confidence.

He started taking PhenQ supplements and noticed some difference in his weight. He slowly started getting his confidence and personality back with the loss of fat from the belly area as well. He says he will continue with the supplements and suggests it to those who are struggling with weight loss.


Every product has its own plus and minuses. Hence, taking a weight loss pill and blindly expecting results, later on, is foolish.

An ideal weight loss requires a conscious diet and exercises, and when that is teamed with supplements such as PhenQ, it will give dreamlike results.

PhenQ will only be of use to you when you team it with a healthy diet; because of whichever weight loss pill you take, it will not be of much use to you if you do not maintain a healthy diet with it.

Thus, to get the best results, you must simultaneously also form conscious eating habits and exercise whenever possible.

The ingredients used in the making of this weight loss pill is mostly natural, and this company has been verified by the FDA that stands for Food & Drugs Approved. It is no doubt that it is a reliable product; however, if you are looking to reduce your caffeine intake, then this product is not for you, as it contains a very high percentage of caffeine.

A lot of health drinks and energy boosters contain caffeine to help you boost your energy, and in the same way, this weight loss pill does too.

But if caffeine is not a problem for you, then it should work wonders. Caffeine is known to be a natural stimulant that ups your mood and spikes your energy up, giving you a lift in the mood instantly.

The final thoughts on this topic are that weight loss is not rocket science. It is simply doing a calorie deficit diet than your everyday calorie intake. If exercise is added to this schedule, then the weight loss plan will work better.

However, exercise should be done not only for weight loss but also for your overall health improvement; And weight loss capsules like PhenQ only act as a catalyst when you consume it, along with diet and exercises.

Overall, it seems to be a safe and reliable product to be consumed if you are looking to accelerate your weight loss regime.

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