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About the product

The PureHealth Lifting and Firming Cream are one of the most popularly known and widely used skincare product worldwide. It comes to you with the promise of supple and vibrant skin- through an all-natural formula that encompasses scientifically-backed products under a stringent 5 Stage Research and Testing Process.

Within every bottle comes a unique formula that is formulated to give you a look free of creased, saggy skins; choosing, instead, to help you recover the brilliant look you sported before- without the hassle of breakouts, redness, flaking, burning or rashes.

With regular use, you will see the magic of the formulae, like your hands, neck, legs or even stomach become crease-free, wrinkle less- as if your skin is defying gravity! Watch as the age spots lighten and improve the way you look, with absolutely zero side effects or hidden away scams.

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The cream uses a variety of ingredients to ensure that you have an all-natural skincare experience and no side effects. Some of these ingredients are:

  1. Cold Pressed Avocado Oil: this ingredient is natural bred and grown in the climate of central Mexico- with qualities like increasing the soluble collagen levels in the skin cells as well as acting like a naturally sourced preservative to enhance the shelf life of the lifting cream.
  2. Aloe Vera Gel: the plant from which you retrieve aloe extract is found all over Mexico and have been used for a variety of purposes from the Aztec times. The extract has come handy in current times as well since the natural plant enzymes energized and restores collagen in addition to elastin synthesis inside your skin cells for a youthful look.
  3. Citric acid: when aloe extract is combined with citric acid, it enhances the abilities of the formula fivefold. The benefits of citric acid include help in combating free radical damage as well as in exfoliation to remove dry, flaky, sun-damaged skin.
  4. Algae Extract: algae, down in history, has always come to be found accidentally by people living in the region. For the formula though, the algae used is grown under surgically pure conditions and acts as a superior free radical eliminate that aids damaged cells to ensure a more youthful look to the skin.
  5. Palm Oil Extractor (Peg 100 Stearate): this ingredient comes with an array of benefits- it is anti-aging, cleansing as well as moisturizing effects that are known and used all around. Palm oil is extremely popular s a skincare product since it contains an agent that helps contain the natural oils in your skin that most soaps and shampoos slowly deteriorate. In terms of the formula, Peg 100 Stearate is a palm oil extract that is also a vital super ingredient that works as an emollient, emulsifier as well as a moisturizer. This chemically induced extract is known to decrease trans epidermal water loss from the skin making is quite beneficial.
  6. Purified Water: This ingredient is essential for proper hydration and retention of moisture in the skin- it helps reduce bacterial attacks as well as free radical damage. With this ingredient in the formula of the cream, you can feel how different your skin becomes- it is more youthful, vibrant and less wrinkle-prone.
  7. Safflower Oil: this is an ingredient that acts as a replacement for a costly oil pressed herb; done to ensure the price remains accessible for the users. When combined with Cetearyl alcohol and stearic acid, the oil employs a non-irritating, exfoliation action that delivers radiant, smooth skin that will leave you awed.
  8. Chamomile and Passion Flower Extract: these ingredients are naturally grown in the Mexico highlands and contain many natural extracts that help in calming the skin and reducing inflammation. In addition to that, the ingredients also aid in repairing the skin as well as improve sleep quality and reduce the appearance of stress lines.

Apart from there are a few other ingredients that make the product what it is:

  1. POTASSIUM SORBATE AND IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA is used to enhance the creamy texture of the cram and increase the shelf life, so the users don’t have to keep replacing unused bottles.
  2. HYDROLYZED COLLAGEN has eight essential amino acids that are not naturally created in the body and help in boosting the skin’s natural peptide levels, create more collagen and support the growth of fibroblasts.
  3. ELASTIN helps to increase epidermal thickness as well as strengthening fibers that allow wrinkles to reshape into firm skin.
  4. PULLULAn makes sure to tighten skin and makes sure that it keeps looking that way.
  5. GLYCERYL STEARATE helps in skin rejuvenation- it stops dryness, inflammation as well as skin permeability to better help you absorb the ingredients of the cream. Apart from that, it helps water retention to make sure your skin has the beautiful, plum soft look it deserves.
  6. GLYCERINallows the skin’s outer layer to draw water from the air, so you never experience dryness or itchiness.
  7. HYDROLYZED SILK PROTEINS act as a sun shield against the harsh UV rays and are known for their awesome moisture-binding properties.
  8. RETINAL PALMITATE OR (VITAMIN A PALMITATE)has glycolic acid that induced cellular and molecular cell revitalization.
  9. TOCOPHERYL ACETATE helps in prevent UV ray induced damage that includes oxidative damage. In addition to that, the ingredient reduces oedema, improves skin thickening and enhances the smoothening of wrinkles to give your skin a flawless look.
  10. SODIUM HYALURONATEis also called “the super magnet for moisture.” The ingredient is quite useful in speeding repairs and healing damaged skin cells. It supports normal skin functions, so you don’t have to worry about accelerated aging.

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How does it work?

There are a lot of environmentally induced factors that harm your skin in a very irreparable way if you’re not careful. These include climate, temperature, location, level of pollution, as well as an array of other factors. All of these are prominent causes of early sagging in the skin as well as wrinkles- and there is no way to avoid them.

With PureHealth’s Lifting and Firming Cream, you see a different approach to tackling this problem. With a small dollop twice a day or as needed, you can experience your skin slowly regain its youth and perkiness- without the addition of a harmful substance that might pose a potential threat to your skin.

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  1. A special collection of ingredients

All of the ingredients used by the cream are authentic- specifically chosen to ensure that your skin experiences glowing and radiance. They all warrant cellular regeneration the minute the cream permeates the topmost layer of your skin.

  1. It has a scientifically backed formula.

The ingredients have gone through rigorous lab testing to certify the quality of the product. Each ingredient is carefully measured to ensure it affects your skin exactly as the company intends it to. With a team of some of the most respected medical experts, every formula goes through an extensive approval process to make it a point to deliver nothing but the best.

  1. Price of the cream

The cream is said to do what plastic surgery does- but for a lot less money and a lot less pain. For the low price of $47, you can get an entire 90 days’ worth of cream and see results from day one! This price makes it accessible to anyone who wants to re-feel the radiance of their skin once again.

  1. Additional benefits of the cream

The organization does not dapple with animal testing on the products- it is cruelty-free. Apart from that, the company provides each user with an additional five-page booklet that tells you how to warrant even younger, wrinkle-free, smoother skin using other methods.


You can buy one bottle for the price of $67, which will give you around thirty days of use. Apart from that, the bottle comes in a 90 day supply pack which is the most popularly used as well as a 60 day supply pack for the following prices of $47 and $57 only at the official website.

With their express delivery, the product should not take more than 2 to 5 days of delivery. The PureHeath Lifting and Firming Beauty Cream will then proceed to give you vibrant, radiant, glowing skin and wash away your wrinkles- beginning their working of soothing and firming your skin in the very first use.

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Money-back guarantee and refund policy

If, for any reason you are not 100% satisfied- the company provides you with a full refund once you write them an email. They have a guarantee of money back for the whole year.

To get the refund, you must first contact the company upon which you will receive a RAM number that is vital for returning the package. The original cost of the product is refundable, excluding shipping charges.

Side effects

The company recommends that you consult an expert before you embark on the journey of using this cream. Apart from that, though, the cream has been tested in a variety of different laboratories and has proven to have no side effects- attributing this to the all-natural and environmentally friendly materials used in the making.

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  1. Since the ingredients are natural, you are advised to consult a doctor before you start using the cream in case you might be allergic to some of the ingredients.
  2. The cream cannot be ordered from any offline stores; they are only available on the official website. If you do find it somewhere else for cheaper, there is a strong possibility that the product is fake.

Customer reviews

The PureHealth Lifting and Firming Beauty Cream have been reviewed on a variety of different platforms, with not so much as a single negative review insight. Use these reviews attached below as a testimony to the relative usefulness of the products and review it yourself, to help potential buyers realize it’s more than adequate results.

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Linda gives the product five stars and says,  

There is nothing more important to me than the way I look. I hate having wrinkles and saggy skin. But I used this cream, and after a few days, my skin was as soft as a baby’s and smooth as one too. I highly recommend this cream for anyone who wants to look just like a magazine model in their old age!”

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Jane Potter gives the product four stars and says,

“I never thought that there would be a point in my old age where I would regain the vibrancy of my youth. I am so grateful for the existence of this cream and my lovely husband for introducing it to me. I love to look ten years younger than my real age; it adds mystery to my life. I recommend everyone who wants to regain their youthful looks- to try this cream. It is amazing, and I have already bought some to keep me going for the next whole year!”

Conclusion: The Final Verdict

PureHealth’s cream is nothing less than completely authentic. With a lot of research and effort, the product reflects all the care and hard work its creators have put into it. With extreme results, it has succeeded in creating a revolution in the skincare arena- coming at it with no side effect and all-natural ingredient benefit.

The product ensures your skin feels and looks younger, returns the perkiness to your skin as well as the smoothness. It retains moisture and ensures your skin can take moisture from the air surrounding it as well. In addition to that, the product also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun while simultaneously preventing dryness or burning.

At such a reasonably placed price, we’re sure it’s worth the hype, and definitely, a must-try!

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