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Why are there so many talks about the sperm count or the semen volume? It might look irrelevant to you, but this isn’t the case with all the ladies out there. The ladies would love their man ejaculate a whole load of a waterfall of semen on them. It may not be romantic but ladies tend to judge your love and passion based on the volume of the semen you ejaculated. Not only this, the volume of the semen or sperm is directly related to one’s male fertility and the overall health of that person.

It is programmed in the woman’s nature to go after a male who can prove he has strong reproductive power. Hence, you need a load of semen if you are going to impress her.

This is the logic that semen pills or volume pills follow. It is simple although there is a catch. Some pills are better and more effective than others available in the market. The Volume Pills brand, however, stands out from all the other pills. It is a brand that is the longest standing and is the most established volume pill brand.

The pill has an extremely effective and unique formula with natural male enhancers that have proven to be reliable and effective all the time the pill was used.

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About product

Created by the company Leading Edge Health, there are some pretty interesting claims. The Pill is said to increase the orgasms you have by up to 500% – The sperm count you can come up with. Moreover, you will be able to have a longer and a thicker erection along with the orgasms being more intense.

The Volume Pill load enhancers are one of a kind. The website states to give you an experience like a porn star. Where you finish like one. Pills are meant to enhance the reproduction system of you. That’s it!

If you are looking to deliver impressive and immense volumes of semen then your whole reproduction system must work flawlessly. Moreover, this includes long-lasting erections and quality. These both are very essential in the process of loads of semen release. What’s more to it, is the fact that it makes your penis more sensitive which enables you to have a mind-blowing pleasure.

You might be comparing the product with Viagra though. As compared to the pills of Viagra, Volume Pills have proven to be a much more efficient, affordable and harmless alternative which is the most important factor.


The Volume Pills are the talk of the town with their natural impressive ingredients. There is a whole list of their powerful natural ingredients that are available in the market today. Let’s have a look at them.

Volume Pills Ingredients

  • Zinc – The pill includes 24 mg of Zinc. The content in the pill is higher than the recommended intake of zinc for males, which is between 15 mg to 10 mg a day. Since the pills contain more than 20 mg of zinc, they have more than enough power to let you make a whole lot of quality sperms. Moreover, the ingredient is an excellent source of remedy against the typical sources of men’s infertility. Zinc deficiency is also associated with a lower level of testosterone and hence the volume count of sperm which is insufficient.
  • Ling Zhi – The Ling Zhi or better known as Reishi is a reputable ingredient in Japan, China, and overall Asia. Reishi has been proven to help an individual deal with many problems such as stress, improving the strength of your overall immune system and more. It also benefits the libido as well.
  • Emblica Officinalis – How about we forget about all the scientific, hard to pronounce words and call this amla or the Indian gooseberry. This ingredient comes with loads of Vitamin C, which also includes other useful minerals and vitamins as well. The ingredient is a key herb that is being used for years in traditional Indian medicine. Currently, the researchers have been more focused on the potential of the ingredient to eliminating cancer. The herb is outstanding for enhancing the sperm count which is the reason it is included in the Volume Pills ingredients.
  • Fucus Vesiculosus – This ingredient has been used primarily as a source of iodine. Individuals have been using this ingredient as a cure for thyroid-related problems along with goiter for some time. When optimizing the thyroid’s activity, you can also fight obesity since it is directly related to testosterone levels being low. We all are aware that this isn’t good news for your performance in the bedroom. This ingredient will affect your sexual health strongly.
  • Hong Hua Fen – The Chinese were the first ones to discover the true power of safflower. This ingredient is meant to significantly increase the sperm count of you, which will include the optimal sperm structure as well.
  • Rou Gui – This ingredient works to help you deal with the problem of premature ejaculation. However, only when used as a cream
  • Tian Men Dong – The roots of the asparagus of Chinese have the ability to open up your blood vessels which will let you have a better erection
  • Xian Mao – This is the ancient Chinese aphrodisiac that is well known as Curculigo Rhizome. Many kinds of research have been conducted on this ingredient. One thing is for sure, this ingredient is best for premature and impotence ejaculation problems.
  • Dong Chong Xia Cao – This ingredient is a popular, traditional and extremely efficient Sikkim healer that comes from a place in India that is northeast. This ingredient has been used for many problems such as erectile dysfunction. There are individuals who have reported notable improvements in dealing with low libido problems.
  • Ku Gua – This ingredient more commonly known as the bitter melon has an amazing fat reducing quality and effect. When we talk about testosterone and fat, the math is simple. The increased level of fat in the body is linked to low testosterone levels and hence vice versa. Fat guys are expecting to have libido problems in which males who aren’t fat do not.
  • 4′, 5, 7-trihydroxyflavone – This ingredient is a group of powerful natural compounds that can be found in plants that are common and are known by the name apigenin. According to the research, numerous studies have been conducted which showed that this particular ingredient can boost the production of testosterone.
  • San Guo Mu – This ingredient is known to be a traditional solution of Indian people for treating problem-related to cardiovascular. Like the pains in the chest or high blood pressures. It is said that if you cannot control the blood pressure, you are very likely to have and experience erectile dysfunction problems. You will definitely need this ingredient in your body and your organism to do its magic.

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How does it work?

The main role of the Volume Pill is to increase and boost the production of Semen. This includes the semen volume too. We all are aware that semen is a liquid that gets released during ejaculation. The male sperm is made up of two crucial components which include the sperm cells produced in our testicles and the other one is the additional fluid which is secreted by the glands of the male system of reproduction.

The question, however, arises that what is the normal volume of the semen quantity? To be honest, if you can ejaculate anywhere between 3 ml or 5 ml per ejaculation, you got nothing you should be worried about. However, if you are an average guy tired of not being able to ejaculate the average volume of semen then you can use the Volume Pills.

The volume pill doesn’t only increase the volume of ejaculation. It also works to increase the blood flow among other things to trigger an erection which is improved and can give bigger loads of semen with longer penile muscle contractions and stronger penis. The end result will be you having improved orgasms and pleasures that are much more intense.

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When using a male enhancer, you would want to check the benefits it has along with the ingredients. Since the ingredients are all-natural and powerful, you only have to worry about the benefits.

The volume pills come in discrete packaging which means that your privacy is fully protected. Moreover, you don’t even need a prescription to order the pill. That’s honestly a true relief. Moreover, to further protect your privacy, the credit card reports don’t show a thing related to your purchase of Volume Pills.

Moreover, there is a money-back guarantee attached to the product which makes the purchase safe.

Price and money-back guarantee and refund policy

The Volume Pill is priced at $79.95 however, with the recent discount; it lets you save $14.95. Moreover, the official website contains packages according to months and yearly that give greater discounts on the products. Not only this, but the products all have a 100% money-back guarantee of 67 days so you will not have anything to lose and much more to gain.

volume pills review

Side effects

Let’s be honest here, there isn’t a thing in the world that doesn’t have any side effects. And you should be concerned as well. It is your health we are talking about. You need to make sure there comes better than harm with the perfect solution of male enhancement pills.

The Volume Pills although they have all-natural ingredients, there may be cases reported of increased acne or baldness to the increased level of testosterone. However, this is one guy in thousands of people.

If you suffer from conditions such as high blood pressure, you should consult your doctor before you start taking the pill.

Order Volume Pills Now From Official Website & Save up to $610

Customer Reviews

We suggest you order from the website that is official. Do not make the rookie mistake of ordering someplace else. Those who have tried the Volume Pills have only good things to say about it. Let’s look at some of them.

Miguel: I started the Volume Pill course about a year back. It was an on and off thing for me. When I did take the Pill, I noticed a big change then when I didn’t take the pill. I have better and bigger ejaculations while taking the Pill and even have more frequent ones. I am convinced that Volume Pills are doing their job.

Harry: Oh my God! It has been only two months since I have started taking the Pill and already filled 16 ounces of a soda bottle. The Pill works amazingly

Adam: The product quality shipped to me was amazing. It was shipped through a secure channel in a discrete package. The Pills works as they have promised. This has really improved my bedtime with my lady.

Don: This is my first experience and my first product from the company Leading-edge health. I have been taking the Volume Pills for a few years and have definitely noticed a big difference. There are no side effects for me and even my doctor approved me taking the pills.

Terry: Honestly telling that these Pills are the best. I have been consuming these pills for the last 3 months and I and my wife have been very pleased while I and my wife keep track of the number of loads that I shoot. The amount of recovery I am having in my 30’s is quite impressive and my wife also says that my loads now have a silky feel to it and she really likes that there is a lot of it.

Conclusion – The final verdict

There is honestly no such thing as a perfect solution that is ideal for male enhancements. However, with all the pros and cons, you can have a winning solution and an amazing formula. The biggest and the greatest thing is that sometimes the cons or the side effects can be harmless and acceptable. If you are looking for increased sensation along with more volume of semen then the Volume Pill is a perfect solution for you.

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