Phalogenics Review

We must admit, a man’s job in the bedroom is way harder. After all, it is they who have to show the magic in bed, and there are a lot of insecurities that he goes through when it comes to pleasing his lady.

Your masculinity is often judged by the size you pack under, and therefore, questions about whether you are well endowed or large enough to satisfy your partner must often plague your mind.

The size of your manhood has a direct relation with your confidence level and can single-handedly increase or your feelings of self-esteem both inside and outside the bedroom.

Nowadays, many penis enlargement programs and medications are available in the market. They claim to work wonders for your size. But nine out of ten times, they turn out to be scams that only manage to cheat you out of your money with no visible results.

If you are looking for ways to increase the size of your manhood but have no viable solution at hand, it is quite natural for you to feel frustrated as you watch your love life go down the drain. And here comes the role of the highly reviewed product Phalogenics.

Phalogenics is unlike any of the products for penis enlarging that are available in the market. In a surprising manner, this product has garnered quite a reputation for itself. The reviews are positive for the most part, and that leaves us curious about the product for sure.

So, is it a scam or a miracle? If you want to know more about the Phalogenics program and how it works, read on!

phalogenics review

What is Phalogenics?

Phalogenics traction is an approach to penis enlargement in an all-natural way. It uses the method of traction and strengthening of the penis to increase its length. Phalogenics focuses on improving the overall blood circulation to the penile area. This further contributes to a longer length and a healthy, hard penis.

Interestingly, Phalogenics program does not consist of just a single product. It is a complete package with a guide-book that will show you the way to increase your penile length.

The program is a training method for one week and employs many methods that help increase the length and girth of your penis.

Instead of depending on pills, oils, or ointments, the program focuses on safe and practical methods for it to work. It also has a guidebook and instructional videos that make it even easier for you to follow the steps and get satisfactory results.

What does the Phalogenics program include?

The Phalogenics program is an all-inclusive kit and contains the following items in it:

  • The Phalogenics PDF: the PDF is a comprehensive guide that will help you follow the program. You can download it on your phone or PC. The PDF is a great way to learn all the techniques that you need to follow for successful penis enlargement.
  • A Video Exercise Regime: the video guide is a visual representation of the techniques that Phalogenics requires you to follow. It shows you a method called the penile traction exercises. The penile traction method is an exclusive method for penile enlargement that the Phalogenics program follows.

Phalogenics has some of the best exercises that help your penis to stretch. They are called “jelq”. The goal of the exercises is to increase the speed at which your penis grows as well as to keep it healthy overall.

  • The Quick-Start Guide: the guide is a written version of the instructions that you need to go through. The guide works like a manual and explains the techniques, procedures, and benefits of the Phalogenics program in detail.

The guide is designed to make you understand the basics of how Phalogenics work better. For a successful follow-through of the program, it is essential that you read the guide thoroughly before starting the exercises.


How Does Phalogenics work?

To understand the working mechanism of the Phalogenics program, you should first know about the anatomy of your penis and how it works.

The penis has 3 parts that make up the whole of it: the head (also known as the glans), the shaft or body, and the base, which is also called the root.

The penis is an organ that is constituted of smooth muscles. It needs a steady blood flow for the time being to enlarge and become hard. The internal muscles have cells and blood vessels that engorge as blood fills the penile area. As a result of this, the cells expand, and with it, the penis.

With time, as the muscles and tissues undergo more wear and tear and then rapidly heal again, the new cells that are generated in the process cause the penis to increase in size more. This happens as the new cells now have the capacity to expand and elongate too.

The traction exercises offered by the Phalogenics program work in a similar way as to how bodybuilders build their muscles with regular gym sessions, heavy-lifting, and pumping. As we have already established before, the penile tissue is like a sponge that absorbs blood in its pores to temporarily increase in size.

The penis enlargement exercises utilize this innate ability of the muscle cells to grow in size when tears occur in them. as it is with any other muscle in our body if you continue with the penile exercises in a regular manner, the micro-tears caused in and the rapid healing that follows afterward will make your penis larger over time.

The Phalogenics program shows you the most effective exercises for penile tissue building and uses the method of penile traction which is unique to the program.

The Phalogenics Traction

The Phalogenics traction is a series of techniques that help your penis to grow and expand in size. This technique aids the cell division process in your penis. The effectiveness of traction as a way of penis enlargement is scientifically proven.

The traction provides the required stimuli to make the cells undergo stress. This, in turn, forces the tissues and cells to tear and heal immediately afterward, thus increasing the cell numbers and their capacity for extension.

The best part about the Phalogenics traction is that it doesn’t depend on any synthetic products or chemicals to increase your penis size.

Phalogenics traction works in the following ways:

  1. The small chambers present inside the penis, called the corposa caversnosa, expand as a result of the traction. This allows more blood to flow into the penile chambers, resulting in a fuller and harder erection. It is a series of simple, but specific massaging techniques that you should follow to increase the size of your penis naturally.
  2. The other way this technique works is by using some extension exercises for stretching the ligaments present in your penile area. The traction exercises, when done in an accurate way, lead your penile muscles to achieve the phenomena of hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is responsible for stretching and expanding the tissues. As a result, you obtain a larger penis overall.


Benefits of using the Phalogenics Program

  1. You achieve a bigger penis: The Phalogenics program consists of a set of exercises that have the aim of increasing your penile length. And not just that! With Phalogenics, the girth of your penis increases as well.
  2. Increased blood circulation: The exercises and massage techniques included in the Phalogenics program improve the overall blood circulation of your penis. As a result, you not only get a bigger penis size, but also a healthier erection that lasts for a longer time.
  3. It employs safe techniques: Phalogenics does not depend on pills and chemicals to increase the size of your penis. Instead, it uses a set of massage techniques and exercises that are natural, safe, and have no adverse side-effects.
  4. Cures pre-ejaculation: Phalogenics lets you have superior control over your ejaculation. You can prolong your climax in bed for however long and please your partner to the fullest.
  5. Rectifies anomalous structures: The exercises and massages included in the Phalogenics program help to correct anomalies like curvature and wrong postures of the penis.
  6. No side-effects: Phalogenics increases the size of your penis by employing natural tactics like exercise and massage therapies that utilize the body’s natural capacity to increase in size. As a result, you don’t have to worry about suffering from adverse physical effects.
  7. Minimal discomfort: the techniques do not pose any threat of hurting your penis unlike many other stretching tools of similar nature.
  8. Respect for your privacy: the Phalogenics program is discreet in its packaging and does not breach your privacy in any way.
  9. Phalogenics is medically approved: the Phalogenics program has the backing of medical experts as it does not involve using any oral pills or harmful chemicals. The program is effective as well and claims to have proven results.
  10. It can be used with other products: the program is effective when used alone, but you can use it with other products like hand pumps and extenders for quicker results.

Where can I buy the Phalogenics program?

To buy and download phalogenics, you need to visit the official website and register yourself. Proceed according to the instructions to successfully buy and install the program on your phone or PC.

phalogenics review

Cons of the Phalogenics Program

Although the pros outweigh the cons by far for the Phalogenics program, there are a few things that could have been better. These are:

  1. It takes a long time to be effective: the Phalogenics can take quite a bit of time to yield visible results. Also, the results are not the same for every person, and the effectiveness of the program can take a long time to show results that are visible enough to create a difference. You need to have a lot of patience to reach the point where you can finally see some improvements.
  2. The program is entirely digital: the Phalogenics program is a digital one and requires to be downloaded for use. This creates a problem for people who have no or limited access to the internet. If you are seeking a solution that is physical or can be used offline, Phalogenics may not be the right program for you.
  3. The outcome isn’t guaranteed: Phalogenics does not promise its customers any definite promise that it will work for them.
  4. It is pricey: the Phalogenics program costs $ 69 per piece. For a product that claims no guarantee of its effectiveness, the cost may seem like an investment not worth the end results.

A brief outline of the programs included in Phalogenics

The Phalogenics is a weekly program that is intended to last you through a month. The exercise regimen is divided on the basis of the weeks and consists of the following programs:

  • Week 1: the first week is meant as a warm-up week to lead up to the more rigorous exercises regimen of the next weeks. The routine consists of light exercises and jelqing, wet milk, cooling, etc.
  • Week2: week 2 has an addition of some basic programs to the warm-up of the first week. It includes the side-to-side stretch that helps increase the girth of the penis.
  • Week 3: in the third week, you are required to follow the same routine you followed in the first week.
  • Week 4: by the fourth week, you start seeing visible results from the previous weeks’ exercise routines. A 12-week exercise regime is set for you to follow for the month. The exercise routine is an extended version of the previous weeks with increasing duration for each progressing week.

Final Verdict: Yay or Nay?

All in all, the program seems to be effective, safe, and also reliant on natural methods to increase your penis size.

Considering the pros and cons of the program, we can say that trying Phalogenics to increase your penis size is something worth investing on!

Phalogenics male enhancement

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