Tea Tree Oil For Nail Fungus

Are you ashamed of wearing your peep-toe heels? Nail fungus should not give you stress. You should enjoy wearing your favorite shoes whenever you want to without worrying about Fungus. Nail fungus can eat up your toenail or make them crack, making it an annoying experience, especially when you love wearing sandals or shoes that expose your nails. You may be ashamed of exposing your cracked nails. Tea tree oil is your homemade remedy for your affected nails. It has antiseptic properties that can heal your toes (1). Tea tree oil is yellow, and it is extracted from a Melaleuca Alternifolia tree. The oil can be used to eliminate nail fungal infections if you apply it regularly.

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How to use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is yellow oil. It can be bought from pharmacies. You must purchase or look for the organic oil, to realize results. The oil can cause itchiness to your skin; it is advisable to dilute it with coconut oil to avoid side effects. Before using it, you must clean your nails by removing dead skin and cutting long nails. You should file off dead skin, but you must avoid cutting your skin when cleaning your nails. Wash your nails to remove dust that may be created by the filing process.

Apply tea tree oil on your nails after cleaning them. You can use a ball of cotton wool to apply the oil. The oil must be applied directly to the infected area. Make sure the oil reaches the affected area by using a toothbrush to scrub the infected area to make sure that the oil reaches the dark areas of your nails. Let the oil dry naturally, and you can repeat the process after 15 minutes to make sure that the oil reaches the deep side of the nails to eliminate the infection. Alternatively, you can dilute the oil with warm water and soak your nails in diluted water for 20 minutes.

This treatment can be done daily in the morning or evening. Then filing of your nails can be done twice or thrice a week. The process can be done for some months to make sure that your toe is growing a new fingernail that is healthy from infections.  Even after increasing new fingernails, you can continue treating your nails with tea tree oil to avoid contamination. Tea tree oil has healthy benefits; applying it on your nails can keep your nails free from infections.

If the tea tree oil is giving you unbearable side effects or is not working in eliminating Fungus, you can use Fungus Eliminator. It works from inside by boosting your immune system. Your nails can start healing within a few weeks.

Benefits of tea tree oil to your nails

  1. It eliminates Fungus

Tree oil is effective in removing Fungus compared to other pharmaceutical medicines, which are specially made to heal nail fungal. It can also cure nail fungus regardless of its severity. However, the healing process might differ according to the severity and type of Fungus.

  1. It sanitizes your nails

The tea tree oil has strong antiseptic properties, assists in cleaning your nails while healing them at the same time. The oil can keep your nails clean from deadly dirt that might accumulate and become infectious.

  1. It is an antiseptic to your nails

The tea tree oil contains antiseptic properties that can help kill infections and other diseases that might threaten the healthiness of your toes.

  1. It is a natural deodorant, and it can freshen up your nails

Tea tree oil is also recommended as a natural deodorant. It can eliminate and mask nail and feet odors while healing the infections.

  1. It strengthens nails

The tea tree oil can be useful in enhancing your nails from being easily affected by diseases.

  1. Soothes cuticles

Cuticles might crack, peel, and become painful if they are not treated. They might also be infected, but the tea tree oil moisturizes and soothes skins with its oil particles.

  1. It is affordable

Tea tree oil is affordable compared to other nail fungus medicines. It can be bought without a prescription. It is also simple to use.

  1. It is a natural home remedy

It is a natural home remedy that is organic and original without being mixed with other inorganic chemicals. It is safe to use, and it can be stored at an average room temperature.

How to keep your nails clean from being infected by fungal

  • You must always wear shoes in public places like shopping centers
  • Wear open shoes to give your nails fresh air and avoid tight shoes that make your nails sweat with less ventilation
  • Wear synthetic socks and avoid cotton socks. Synthetic socks minimize sweat than cotton socks
  • You can protect your hand nails by wearing gloves when washing dishes
  • Keep your nails short and clean to avoid a build-up of infections in your nails

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How to identify infected nails

  • Your nails might change the color and become yellow
  • You might have excessive growth below you toenails
  • Nails might become thick or fat
  • Inflammed and painful tissue around your nails
  • Dull or dark nails
  • Brittle nails
  • Cracking nails

What are people saying about tea tree oil treatment for nail fungus?

Many use tea tree oil to treat their nails of various infections. They commend it for healing their nails successfully. It has become a solution to their nail problems. Some say that they have used multiple medicines to cure nail infections with failure, but tea tree oil heals. However, it is advisable to use the tea oil continuously to realize the healing effects. You must be patient as it might take more than a month to heal your nails. The healing process also differs according to body tissues and the level of the infection. Some can improve within a month, while others can take more time to be healed completely.

It is also commended to continue using the tea tree oil even after being healed. The antiseptic properties in tea tree oil keep your nails clean and healthy from being infected. The oil soothes cuticles and keeps nails moisturized

Tips on handling and using tea tree oil

  1. Tea oil has side effects, and it can make your skin itch
  2. Few people are prone to get allergic reactions to the use of tea tree oil, such instances it is better to discontinue in using the Tea oil
  3. Perform an allergy test before using it by dripping 2 to 3 drops of Tea tree oil with coconut oil and apply it on your arm and leave it for close to 24 hours and monitor any reactions. If you are allergic to it, you can avoid using it and find another alternative.
  4. Healing the infected nails might take time, you need to apply the oil regularly and with consistency to realize the healing effects. Nails take time to grow, and to recognize that you have been cured, the new nail must have grown.
  5. Purchase organic oil from a trusted brand. Alternatively, look for tea tree oil with 10% to 40% concentration of Terpinen. Terpinen is the main component with antifungal and antiseptic in tea tree oil.

Final words

Tea tree oil is a handy home remedy that must always be available in your cabinets. It is useful in healing your nails that might be infected with nail fungus. The tea tree oil contains antiseptic and antifungal components that are powerful in killing infections and healing your nails. Some are sensitive and to avoid reactions due to allergy, and it is advisable to test it on your skin before using it. The healing process might take time depending on the body’s immune system and the severity of the infection.

You must use the tea tree oil every day with patience and care until you realize the healing effects. You must buy the organic tea tree oil from a trusted brand. You must also make sure that it has at least a 10% concentration of Terpinen, which is the main antiseptic component in tea tree oil. Say goodbye to those cracky discolored toenails with the help of antiseptic tea tree oil, and enjoy wearing your sandals without feeling ashamed.

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