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Are you just about to give up on losing weight? Have you tried everything out there to remove pesky fat deposits where they hurt the most- your belly, arms and thighs? Why are you not losing weight? And if you do lose weight, why does it come back?

The weight that you lose comes back to haunt you because it’s not fat that you are getting rid of when you do extreme dieting and exercising. It’s the water and the carbs that you lose. Losing fat from stubborn areas is a different ball game. If you want to lose weight permanently, you have to understand the physiology of weight loss and why it creeps up on you one day at a time.

There are multiple reasons for weight gain. Scientific research has proved that insulin, the hormone that metabolizes sugar is a fat-storage hormone. We also know for a fact today that the higher the levels of cortisone in your bloodstream, the more fat is stored in your body.

There are many factors that need to be controlled, which makes losing fat perhaps the toughest jobs on Earth. And that’s not all! The way a fat cell is constructed is also a big part of the fat-gain story. The fat cell stores fat and become bigger and bigger. It can’t be killed, only shrunk, once your body has created it. So, after your extreme weight-loss program shrinks fat cells and you experience a smaller waistline, the fat cells fill up again and are back in business on your belly once you get back to your normal eating habits.

And that’s not all! These extreme diets and workouts are dangerous. They can cause serious harm to your system and can also be fatal in some cases. The Keto diet is a case in point. This diet must be done under the strict supervision of a doctor. If this is not done, you can land up in a coma if you have type-2 diabetes.

So is there a simple takeaway for you? Yes, there is. It is that though there are several missing links in the journey to permanent, exponential weight loss, we are getting there one step at a time.

Today, if there is something that’s the most exciting in the field of fat loss, research is zooming into the fact that there is a metabolic switch in your body that can be switched on so that you lose fat. We also know that certain nutrients control this switch.

Thus, losing unsightly belly fat is just a function of taking this right nutrient matrix for optimal fat loss. Read the LumaSlim review to know more.


About LumaSlim

LumaSlim is a revolutionary fat–loss supplement with an all-natural ingredient matrix that switches on the fat-burning switch in your body. It does so in just 30 minutes, too.

Your fat-burning switch is ‘off’ right now. And this is where it will stay, no matter how much you diet or exercise because the switch can only be switched on in the absence of the sugar-metabolizing hormone insulin.

So, LumaSlim supplement works by switching on your body’s fat-burning switch on.

This lets the stored fat out by supplying Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL). This is a kind of chemical messenger that signals your fat cells to release fat. And, in addition, it kills fat cells and stops the formation of new ones so you lose weight permanently.

How Does LumaSlim Work?

The LumaSlim formula contains Arctic root. This is the only herb on Earth that can activate the Hormone, Sensitive Lipase, a special compound that is critical for your body to release trapped fat. It does so with the help of four super, all-natural ingredients in LumaSlim.

Thus LumaSlim switches on the fat-loss switch that allows you to lose weight without ridiculous diets and exercise.

This is how it achieves this task:

  • LumaSlim releases the powerful and instant fat burning Arctic root in your body.
  • The Arctic root contains Hormone Sensitive Lipase that acts by activating or switching on the fat-burning switch in your body.
  • Think of HSL as a control switch or a one-way valve on your fat cell. More fat can enter a fat cell and make your waistline disappear, but the fat can’t leave the fat cell, till the valve allows. So whatever you do- extreme diets and punishing exercise regimes included, you don’t lose weight.
  • If your HSL fat-burning switch is off, no fat is leaving your body. Scientists now know that when the HSL valve opens, the fat enters the bloodstream and you begin to burn pesky, ugly fat.
  • The way LumaSlim works is by opening up this HSL switch. This is not an easy task as just exercise and diet will not release it. This is why you don’t lose weight no matter how much you are.
  • The first thing you lose while dieting is the protein from your muscle. This is converted into fats and used by the brain. In long term starvation, your body does start to burn fat as all the protein is over by now and you are feeling half dead. So unless you starve yourself systematically, the HSL switch that makes your body use fat instead of protein does not get ‘switched-on’.

Brand new research has proven without a doubt that Arctic root releases this elusive fat-burning switch. This research is what LumaSlim leverages to make you lose body fat.

A gold-standard study at the Georgetown hospital is one such study. This placebo-controlled study has shown that the group which was given Arctic root extract lost an average of 20 pounds, while the placebo group put on weight.

LumaSlim: Key Ingredients

LumaSlim Supplement Facts

This powerful yet simple LumaSlim formula contains some of the most acclaimed fat-burning ingredients that are organic, and sourced from Mother Earth to create a unique fat-loss pill. These natural ingredients are:

Arctic root– This is a plant that grows in the coldest of climates. You can find it growing 9000 feet above sea level up and higher. The extract from this plant can activate the Hormone Sensitive Lipase without exercising or dieting, and in the presence of insulin to make you drop weight, your pants to loosen, and your mind to sharpen. It also helps in recharging your energy levels and boosting your sex life.

More specifically, Arctic root extract helps you lose body fat by switching on the fat-burning switch to remove fat from fat cells. Plus, it also eradicates the fat cells and stops the formation of new fat cells.

Bio Perine, Lily root, and Alpha Lipoic acid are the other super ingredients in the supplement.

How Do You Use LumaSlim?

Just take two capsules of LumaSlim with water in the afternoon and 60 minutes before exercise for maximum fat-loss.

Is LumaSlim Safe?

This dietary supplement is absolutely safe as it is formulated using a hundred percent natural ingredients consisting of herbs. These herbs are of top-notch quality and are organic.

Lumaslim also contains top-notch quality of Arctic root extract, and unlike the other less than honest weight-loss supplement makers, the manufacturers use optimum quantities of the active ingredients in this supplement so that you get a dose that works.

LumaSlim is also manufactured in an FDA validated lab and is also GMP certified. Additionally, it is also tested by a third –party for quality. And since all the ingredients used are herbs, they have no side effects.

LumaSlim review

Benefits of LumaSlim

  • This powerful, unique, and the natural weight-loss formula helps you in the following ways:
  • It releases trapped fat from inside fat cells inside your body.
  • It gets rid of fat cells and it blocks new fat cells from forming.
  • The supplement enhances physical performance, attention spans, sexual performance, and makes your mind sharper, and mood mellow.
  • You lose 20 pounds or more weight on this formula in a few short weeks.
  • You feel energized throughout the day.

Scientific Studies on Arctic Root  

In a seminal study to test the efficacy of Arctic root extract, the chief ingredient in LumaSlim, the group which was given Arctic root, lost 20 pounds due to pure fat loss and placebo group participants put on weight.

In addition, Arctic root was proven to increase academic performance by as much as 65 percent and reduce inflammation by 200 percent as compared to the placebo group.

Purchase And Price

This package only available at official website and it includes:

  1. Four bottles of LumaSlim supplement for 90 days. You also get special, life-changing LumaSlim bonus gifts:
  2. LumaSlim: KICKSTART 14-Day Weight Loss Challenge- This guide empowers you to kick start your 14-day weight- loss challenge.
  3. Free bottle of AdrenaVitals- a 30 days supply of a fruit-based multivitamin for even faster results of LumaSlim.
  4. Shortcut for Flat-Tummy digital book- This is a digital book that tells you how you can lose belly fat to make your belly flat and trim.
  5. Private Chef curated meal plans and shopping lists for a week at a time so that you don’t miss out on the ingredients for creating the meals that will complement LumaSlim to get you to a stable, healthy weight.
  6. A Complete Digital guide on leveling up your life and transforming it organically.
  7. A Bonus Special Mystery gift included with your receipt on registering for the LumaSlim Transformative package.

This unique package costs only $ 199.99. You save $1502.

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Returns And Refunds

LumaSlim comes with a hundred percent, 90-day, money-back policy. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product within 90 days and get your money back. You also $100 cash along with your refund.


What Is LumaSlim?

LumaSlim is a revolutionary fat-loss formula that contains scientifically validated herbs that turn on your body’s fat-burning lever in very short time periods.

 Who Can Use LumaSlim?

Virtually anyone who is fed up with stored stubborn fat can use this supplement and benefit from it.

Where Can I Buy LumaSlim?

You can purchase this weight-loss formula from the product website only. 

Is LumaSlim Safe?

Yes, this dietary supplement is made from all-natural ingredients like herbs only. It’s also manufactured in an FDA certified lab. The supplement makers have used only the clinically optimized dose in the ingredients. A third –party also tests the product and only standardized Arctic root extract is used in the formula.

How Soon Can I See Results?

Some people feel the difference in just an hour after taking this supplement. They feel less hungry and more alert. In four hours they feel more energized and happier. It is recommended that to get the weight off and feel like the best version of yourself, you use  LumaSlim for at least 90 days.  


  • Turns on the fat-burning lever or switch in your body
  • Stops more fat cells from forming
  • Kills fat cells
  • Improves libido
  • Improves your memory, mental acuity and lowers stress levels
  • Helps you lose upwards of 20 pounds
  • Helps improve mood
  • Helps you get a flat tummy


This formula can only be purchased from the Official website. 

Customer Testimonial

Pam – I had been on the weight loss block several times and would not have given LumaSlim a try if it wasn’t for my boyfriend, Randy. He had lost 20 pounds in 90 days on LumaSlim and he wanted me to try it too. So, I ended up ordering it 2 months back. I have lost 10 lbs. And I am loving it.

The Verdict

LumaSlim makes you lose weight by turning on a small metabolic switch in your body. It not only makes you lose weight but makes you more energetic and sharper too. It also controls hunger pangs and food cravings. Besides, it eases your mood and helps you feel upbeat and happy. In short, it upgrades you into a better version of you in a matter of weeks.

Just try this supplement once. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, we promise!

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