Is Honey Good For The Face And Skin?

Honey is the natural substance produced by flower-nectar as collected by the bees, and then with the help of enzymes, convert the flower nectar into honey. Honey is composed of a lot of beneficial elements that provide not only various health-related benefits like detoxication of body or reduction of fatigue but also beneficial for healthy and glowing skin. Honey doesn’t even have an expiry date, the older the honey, the better its results. Also, honey is 100 percent natural and herbal. So, yes, honey is a godsend for the face and the skin. Honey is used for various cooking-related purposes or in the treatment of various illnesses but works as an elixir for the internal and external body of an individual. Honey has wound healing and antimicrobial properties, which not only made body healthy but acts as a boon for skin by removing acne, giving a glowing and beautiful moisturized skin. Honey even helps to improve the skin tone of an individual.

Is Honey Good For The Face And Skin?

The following benefits mentioned below proves the fact that honey is a boon for face and skin:

  1. Honey works well to reduce acne

Honey works well for the acne and pimple, especially the red pimple because of the antimicrobial qualities of the honey. The antimicrobial properties of honey significantly help to fight against the facial microbes around the pimple. Also, honey contains inflammatory properties due to which access oil and dirt around the acne and pimple is reduced and thus clears the clogged pores leaving a glowing and acne-free skin. Honey also helps to repair the damaged tissue and cells of the skin. Honey is also helpful in getting rid of dandruff and thus helps the overall decrease in the pimple.

Honey could be applied directly to the face and skin or mixing it with olive oil or coconut oil to get better results.

  1. Honey reduces anti-aging effects

Honey contains natural antioxidants, which help to reverse the aging effect by significantly reducing the wrinkles and fine lines from the skin, tightens the skin, and increases the elasticity of the skin. Honey moisturizes the skin and has various vitamins (like vitamin B6 or folate), minerals (like zinc, selenium), antioxidants (like catalase, pinocembrin), which works well on wrinkles and aging effects. Honey is a primary ingredient of anti-wrinkle creams as well. Many honey’s homemade masks also help to regain the elasticity of the skin, which further helps to get a younger-looking, glowing and beautiful skin.

  1. Lightens scars

Honey has antiseptic properties and is a natural moisturizer as well. Honey not only helps to get smooth and rejuvenating skin but also works well to reduces the scars and acne of the face and skin. Honey has the inflammatory qualities which help to heal the skin soon as compared to the natural healing of the skin. Honey can heal minor burns or cuts at a rapid speed due to the antiseptic properties of the honey. Honey heals the skin not only soon but also effectively makes the skin smooth and scar-free at an early speed. Honey releases the H2o2 or other antimicrobial components like methylglyoxal to get rid of burns or scar or any other microbial infection quickly.

Honey helps in curing the fungal infection caused due to ringworm with its antimicrobial benefits. To cause the fungal infection using honey, just apply the honey at the infected area twice a day to see the results. To cure the scars using honey, just apply the honey on the scar daily to see active and early results.

  1. Honey acts as an excellent moisturizer

Honey, like glycerine or oils, is hygroscopic and thus helps to maintain the overall oil of the skin and moisturizes the skin efficiently and effectively. The enzymes present in honey makes it an excellent hydrating element without any side effects since it is 100 percent natural. Honey exists in almost all the moisturizing lotions. Honey helps to moisturize the skin by absorbing the atmospheric moisture around the skin. Honey is not much effective in the dry seasons to make the skin hydrated as it might extract the water from the skin and further make it dry and dull. Honey also softens the skin to a great extent.

Honey could be applied to the face either directly or in the form of homemade face packs. Honey, along with coconut oil, when applied to skin 30 minutes before bathing especially, makes skin glowing and hydrated and looks rejuvenating. Honey could be applied directly to the body (face or skin) or can be mixed with aloe vera gel or lemon as well.

  1. Helps to reduce sunburns

Honey acts as a natural sunburn agent and available in various sunscreen lotions as well. As honey has inflammatory properties, it helps the early healing of the damaged tissues without any harmful side effects. With the natural properties of honey and anti-bacterial properties, it helps to treat the sunburn at home without the use of harmful chemical substances.

Honey, when used along with aloe vera gel, which is itself a healing substance that provides coolness to the body, works tremendously in the sunburns. Or honey could be directly applied to areas having sunburns as well.

  1. Brightens the skin complexion

Honey, with its natural properties, helps to brighten the skin’s complexion. Healing the damaged tissues and removing dirt and oil from the skin, helps to tone the skin with significant effects. Honey also helps to fight against the infection on any skin and maintains the overall Ph of the skin.

Adding honey with tomato juice helps to remove tanning and excessive oil of the skin and thus helps to tone the skin evenly. Massaging the above pack twice a week helps to make the skin even tone by reducing the tanning and scar of the skin. Apply the pack while massaging the face. Let the pack sit for 15 minutes and then wash the pack with warm water. Apply to pack twice a week to get amazing results.

  1. Adds a natural growth

Honey, when applied with milk or yogurt, helps to get a blemishing skin with a natural glow. Honey has vitamins and minerals, which helps to reduce the dullness and excess oil of the skin, maintaining a proper balance Ph of the skin. Honey adds a touch to the slow of the skin and hydrates the skin. Honey contains a lot of pathogens and thus helps to make skin glow with a rejuvenating skin.

  1. Honey acts as a pore cleanser

Honey, with its stick nature, helps to clean the pores and remove blackheads of the skin. As honey contain antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, it effectively reduces the dirt and excessive oils from the pores of skin making skin bright and vibrant.

To remove blackheads and clear pores of the skin, just simply add raw honey with jojoba oil or coconut oil to get a pimple, oil, and blackhead free skin—the reason while honey is present in face washes, face packs, and face scrubs.


Thus, we can conclude from the above facts that “yes, honey works well for skin and face.” Honey has natural qualities that not only help to get a better immune system and body but also help to get rejuvenating and glowing skin without scars and acne. Honey is a gentle and natural exfoliator that helps to reduce the wrinkle and fine lines from the skin, making the skin glow. Honey doesn’t have any side effects on the skin and can be applied with various other natural ingredients to get even better results.

Honey can be preserved easily for years irrespective of its expiry dates. It also helps to get rid of excessive weight and boost the immune system of the body. Honey is rich in antibacterial and antiseptic qualities and contains various beneficial minerals and vitamins, which not only heals damaged tissues but makes skin even brighter—many home remedies have an inclusion of honey as a crucial ingredient to bring the solution.

Almost all the skincare products contain honey primarily due to the beneficial qualities of the honey. Honey addition in various food and dishes is remarkable only because of the flavonoid qualities. Thus, honey is an overall package of benefits.

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