How To Remain Sexually Connected During Infertility Treatment

Most of the couples face this situation in their life, unable to give birth to the child because of many reasons, and therefore they have to take infertility treatment for the best outcome. In many situations, at the end of this treatment, couples are really happy. But through the entire treatment or at every stage, they go through a lot. Infertility treatment can affect them physically and also emotionally. Sometimes most of the couples are not prepared for this treatment; therefore, they suffer a lot through the treatment, and then it can affect their relation or sexual Intimacy.

Sexually Connected During Infertility Treatment

What are how you can stay sexually connected during infertility treatment:-

When couples are going through this treatment, it can affect women’s health and dysfunction in a male person. Some stressors can affect a person physically and emotionally. Following are some stressors which explain why these happen-

  • Spontaneity is really important in the sex lives of couples, but because of infertility treatment, it is gone. The basic or important reason for lovemaking in couples is desire or emotional bond, but during infertility treatment, desire or attachment is no longer the main reason for having sex. Infertile couples have to plan all before they do sex. They do it to maximize their fertility or increase their sperm count. In most couples, while they are doing sex, all they can think about is the result of that, and that is the pregnancy. All the emotions are gone and after sometime sex ‘by the clock’ becomes stressful. Sex on demand can affect the men’s mind, and it can affect them physically also. During infertility treatment, clocks, medication, and tests will tell you the best time to have sex, and this can be stressful after some time.

If you want to stay connected during infertility treatment, you have to do some small things which make your partner happy and decrease your stress level. You can arrange small dates, candlelight dinner, etc. It will help you to forget about having sex on a schedule. You have to make sure that you are still having sex because you are in love, not because you have to do it by the clock. You have to remember that pregnancy is not the only reason for having sex; there are a lot of reasons why you should have sex. You have to keep burning the romantic spark between you two.

  • During infertility treatment, couples have to tell all about their sex lives and their physical body parts to the doctor. During this process, you will go through a lot of mechanical processing for the tests. A lot of procedures will hurt you in many ways, both mentally and physically. Sometimes it feels like close to humiliation. In the process of medications, it will increase ovulation, and the acidity of your vagina will also increase because of this, it will decrease your desire for having sex. Mood swings will also occur during this process. After some time, this process becomes stressful, and if the result is not positive, then it will convert into disappointment. It will affect your relationship, and it will part you apart from each other.
  • If a certain couple has been trying it for a long time, but every time the result is not positive, then it is very natural to feel sad or disappointed. The frustration and depression can affect your relationship in many ways. You have to remember that you will always love your partner, and you respect them. At every point, you have to stay with your partner and encourage them.

You have to share your feelings with your partner. Don’t keep your feelings inside your heart; it will keep disappoint you. At some point in your treatment, you feel sad or low. You have to share it with your partner, and you have to become positive with each other. You don’t have to blame yourself or your partner for the situation. You have to tell each other whatever happens you are in this together. There is another way to share your feelings. That is, you can join the community of infertile couples in which you can talk about your problems. You can feel free and relaxed when you realized that there are many peoples like you who are going through this situation. You can also try something like a therapist for you both it will help your relationship makes stronger.

  • Most of the infertile couples change the definition of sex during infertility treatment. It can affect both men and women emotionally and physically. For example – from the survey all over the world, it is concluded that women feel more feminine in the period of there ovulation, but they fell less feminine when they don’t release the egg. Men lose more confidence in this treatment. They feel very disappointed, and they feel that they are sexually weak. After some time in this treatment, couples saw themselves as they failed sexually, and then they feel frustrated.

You and your partner have to protect each other from nosy people and friends, which can hurt you directly or indirectly through their comments and their judgment. You have to wisely what you want to hear and what you don’t. You and your partner both are in this together, and this is your choice to get this treatment; they are no one to tell you. You should know that which people do you need at this time and support each other. If someone makes any disrespectful comment on you, which makes you feel very low, then don’t take it on your heart. Talk to your partner and decide what information about this treatment you want to share and with whom you want to share. From this, you can make your bond stronger, and you can be with each other for more time.

During infertility treatment, they are many things that can come in between your daily life. Your test, doctor appointments can increase your stress level. You can’t have your simple and relaxing life back in your daily lives, a great time to make your relationship stronger and make your partner a priority. You have remembered that there is some reason because of you and your partner are together in this situation. You have to keep telling yourself your love for each other is the only reason that makes your relationship solid. Keep yourself connected to your family and friends. Go out with them and have some fun.


In the end, you have to keep sharing your feelings with your partner. Don’t be too strong for your partner. Keep talking to the people that you love and they love you too. You have to think that the result of this treatment will be worth it for your current suffering. This pain will pay off an amazing moment of your life. You and your partner might not know about your future, but you can know that you are in this together, and you will stay together in the future also. Live in this moment and enjoy every part of this treatment. Spend more time with your partner or go out for a meal outside. It makes your bond stronger and helps to love each other. Keep in mind that you both are important to each other.

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