How To Feel More Satisfied With Your Sleep Cycle

Sleep and Body Mechanism

Sleep is the function of the human body to perform body rejuvenation while at rest each day. Not only it gives the body rest but also plays a major role in carrying various functions at night. Our brain and body are said to be very active while we are sleeping. As per the age groups, sleep requirement differs. A normal adult requires a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep every day.

But what is important is the quality of sleep or deep sleep we take during these hours. It might be possible that some people feel tired or sleepy even after taking more sleep or people who sleep less feel fresh. The reason is, the habits and routine we follow throughout the day can have a major role in the quality of sleep. Remember, our sleep prepares us for another day, so if we don’t make the most out of our sleep, then it does have consequences over our Heart, Lungs, immunity, metabolism, mood swings, and disease resistance. etc

So, to make the most out of our everyday sleep, it is necessary to optimize our daily routine and habits. Only a few get the privilege of falling asleep instantly after hitting the bed as others need a few tosses and turns trying to sleep.

Below are some factors that have a direct effect on one’s sleep cycle. With the right habits, these factors can help to eliminate the ‘trying to sleep hours’ and give you instant sleep along with quality deep sleep.


Factors that can help to feel satisfied with a normal sleep cycle

Bedtime declaration to your subconscious
Sometimes it’s just the right approach we should inculcate within us while we have already taken our nights’ sleep or about to take one. Even though its recommended to take a full 8-10 hours sleep, sometimes we don’t and still feel fresh in the morning.

Similarly, we should every day prepare our subconscious before going to bed by saying, “I will wake up at this time tomorrow and feel fresh as usual,” “I am sleeping late, but I will wake at my regular time and feel fresh as usual.” Following these affirmations at bedtime is a weapon in setting up the brain for better sleep satisfaction.

Exercise daily
Exercise has its benefits. One of the proven benefits is that it helps in reducing insomnia and improving sleep quality. It depends upon person to person what exercise time best suits them. Some do it in the morning, some in the evening. Exercise helps to unwind and relax things down and exhausts us. Exhausting makes our mind get in deeper sleep fast and increases higher quality sleep. Exercise helps to release the hormone endorphins, which make us feel positive and happier. More positively, we go to bed more satisfied we feel at bedtime and waking up as well.

Warm Bath
Studies show that a hot bath before bedtime primes you to get better sleep. Warm water helps your body muscles to relax after a stressful day. Sleeping is nothing but allowing your body to relax and let it rest. But often, when we go through a hectic day, and our body hits the bed, the muscles take time to relax, thus increasing time to make them rest and then ultimately affects the sleep time.

A warm bath or even warm water leg soaking therapy can also be a good option to make you feel relaxed, helps you to reduce the all-day stressed muscles to relax even before you hit the bed. The relaxed muscle further can help you to fall asleep instantly instead of lingering.

Say no to electronic devices
Not only limiting your screen time but keeping it away from your bed can affect the sleep satisfaction level. No doubt, the harmful bright rays coming off the screen puts stress on your eyes and makes it difficult to let them rest during sleep time. In this virtual world, it’s not possible to stay without the electronic devices, but what is possible is to keep them away from yourself at least 30-45 mins before going to bed.

Studies have also shown that the artificial blue lights emit short waves and inhibit melatonin hormone that induces sleep. So, keep those screens away and opt for a peaceful sleep.

Follow a routine
Our body gets used to our routines, and a series of disturbances in such a routine can affect sleep too. There should be consistency in what routine you follow. Your wake up timings, your sleep timings, and even dinner timings have something to do with your sleep. Not only do you disturb your schedule but also disturb the functioning.

So, making a healthy routine, and sticking around it is a good habit for your sleep pattern, helps to avoid the days or hours when you have missed your sleep timing and go through the insomniac

Invest in Day-time energy
One of the very simple reasons some people sleep off early is they get tired the whole day multi-tasking. No wonder staying busy and investing your brains on the right work helps you to increase sleep satisfaction. Rather than procrastinating the whole day and then staying awake till late to get it done or just lingering around the whole day won’t help in an adequate sleep. Sleep does have a connection with the day -time activities you undertake, so investing your energy on a good level can help in better sleep patterns.

Keep your sleeping place cool, aromatic and silent
The place where we sleep has a very important contribution to the quality of sleep. Setting the correct temperature and cooling atmosphere can help to reach a deep cycle fast. Some zesty scents like spearmint, peppermint, etc. can awaken your senses and get you energized. So, don’t forget to consider aromatherapy for better sleep satisfaction.

Lastly, sleep quality increases when there are fewer disturbances. Often a small drop noise can also wake you up in the middle night and might give insomnia for the rest of the night. So, try to get that private time or prefer sleeping alone at a time for better sleep quality and satisfaction
Some individuals also face snoring as a disturbance for themselves and their partner too. Silent snore can help to cure snoring and provide healthier breathing and attain better sleep at night.

Avoid long naps
It’s very common to feel a bit sleepy after lunchtime, and it’s alright too to take a quick nap. Naps should be short, ranging between 30-45 mins; otherwise, that will affect the night sleep cycle. Nap the correct way or don’t do it at all. Longer naps can leave you feeling insomnia in the night or increase ‘trying to sleep’ hours, thus decreasing the sleep quality and satisfaction.

Avoid Lingering, oversleeping, snoozing in bed

The most common challenge most of us face is actually to get out of the bed. It’s almost

Every day we feel sleepy for more than 5 minutes. But as per studies, our sleep has a pattern which works around 90 minutes. So, those 5-10 minutes that you sleep extra might fall between a cycle where you disturb the deep sleep or about to start one, which leaves you either feeling unrest or refreshed sometimes. So try getting out of bed as soon as you open your eyes and repeat affirming your brain.


Sleep satisfaction depends upon so many factors, and it does have to do with your thoughts too. Stress, the workload is just one of the common reasons why one does not get a night of quality sleep and never feel satisfied or refreshed the other morning. But activities like exercising, meditation can help to get better sleep cycles. Right from following a good routine to choosing the right place to sleep can have a good effect on the sleep pattern.

Sleep satisfaction is nothing but waking up refreshed and feeling you have full energy to be productive in the day ahead. With a positive approach and the above factors, one can develop healthy sleeping habits to attain better sleep satisfaction. There are also many other personal factors like life problems, dreams that can reduce the quality of sleep. If even after putting efforts and following a healthy routine, you feel insomnia, then its recommended to visit a doctor and get proper treatment. Sleep is an extremely important function for the body to rest. It carries out all the activities during our sleeping hours that are required for us to get through another day. So, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule and achieving adequate sleep is as essential to survival as food and water.

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