Brain Exercises That Help You Get Smarter

As you age, memory loss becomes serious. The Brain gets weaker, and you fail to focus or think properly. It wouldn’t hurt to be the smartest person with grey hair. It will actually be a bonus. You will live a happy life and enjoy your retirement days. It is upon yourself to have the sharpest Brain that rarely forgets things. Memory loss does not affect older people, but younger people also forget things and lose focus.

Your lifestyle contributes to memory loss and the way your brain functions. If you are living a lonely life, your brain functionality also reflects that. You thought it could be limited due to the environment that you are in because your brains have not been exposed to various issues. Your mind needs to be challenged and groomed to be sharper and focus better. There are brain exercises that can challenge your brain to be smart even in the future.

You can be that smart granny of grandpa who challenges young people with a sharp brain. You don’t have to wait until your memory loss is detectable to start exercising your brain. Start using your mind now while it is still sharp to enhance it.  Your brain needs to work out like your physique that gets polished in the gym.


What is brain exercise?

Brain exercise involves doing specific activities that boost your cognitive abilities. Cognitive ability is the general skills that our brain uses to think, remember, reason, pay attention to learn, and more. The Brain must exercise these various cognitive skills to be sharp and smart. Your ability to remember must be stretched and sharpened by exercises so that you can process a lot of information in your head.

Also remember everything, to remain excellent in thinking, paying attention, your mind must be challenged and trained to do so through various brain exercises. These brain workouts might include puzzles, card games, learning, reading, and more. Exercising your Brain make it healthy and sharper even if you are aging.

Types of brain exercises you can do

There are various exercises that you can do to challenge your brain. These exercises keep your Brain active, thereby sharpening it. Activities can be in the form of games or be the way we live our lives. Below are a handful of exercises that are simple to follow and keep your brain smart.

  1. Puzzles

An adult not only has to focus on pressing issues all year round. You must also play like children. It might seem childish, but playing puzzle games can challenge your brain and boosts its thinking capacity. Games like Sudoku, word puzzles, picture puzzles can test your memory and entertain your Brain.

These games make you think fast while boosting and nourishing your Brain. They also enhance your thinking capacity. These games are not expensive, and they are accessible. You can download them to your mobile phone or laptop so that you play them whenever you want to. Magazines and newspapers always come with Sudoku and word puzzles. You can read papers and play games afterward. These games can be performed daily to keep your brain functioning.

  1. Card games

Card games can be played physically. You can card games as a family, friends, or a couple. Card games are also available online and can be downloaded as applications to our mobile phones or laptops. Playing card games can enhance your social lifestyle. You can be exposed to other people’s thinking capabilities, and that can challenge you to think fast to beat others in the game.

Card games that you may play as a group include crazy eights, knock out whist, solitaire, and more. As an individual, you can also play similar games on your mobile phone. These games train and challenge your brain to come with solutions faster. Challenging your Brain is healthy as it makes you strategize and think critically.

  1. Learning

You must take your time to learn something new or different. Having a career does not mean that you have to stop learning new things. Learning new things makes your brain memory function. You can learn a new language, vocabulary, riding a bicycle or a horse, and other more skills. Exploring unique, exciting challenges where the Brain can think differently or out of the usual routine enhances your thinking capacity and abilities.

  1. Reading

Reading is a good workout for your mental. It feeds your Brain of new things and knowledge. You might learn various social and life skills from novels. You can also learn new vocabulary from educational books and stories. Reading expands your experience and makes your brain smarter. It makes it easy to memorize vocabulary and use it in your social circles.

  1. Use your non-dominant hand

Using your non-dominant hand challenges your body and the functionality of brains. It might be difficult and fun to use your non-dominant hand, but it boosts your thinking capacity. You can use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth, write notes, to eat, and more. These activities challenge your Brain to adjust and make your body do things differently. It is an exercise that can be done anytime and anywhere to boost your cognitive abilities.

  1. Draw a map

You can draw your CBD map manually from your memory. You can include significant locations, streets, landmarks, and buildings. After that, you can compare it with the real plan. Recording your thoughts strengthen your brain memory.

  1. Meditate 

Meditation can improve your attention and focus. You need a quiet place to meditate successfully. You can close your eyes, keep quiet, breathe naturally, and focus on your body and breathing. Regular meditation can calm your body and reduce stress.  Minimizing stress makes your Brain free and healthy (1).

You can make your Brain smarter in different ways that you can afford to do without straining or pressuring yourself.  There are supplementary pills that can boost your cognitive ability, such as GenBrain. The medicine improves your thinking capacity, focus, memory, and brain function.

Benefits of brain exercises

  • Improves brain development
  • Boost brain cell production
  • Improves your Brain memory
  • Distresses your mind and prevent depression
  • Makes your Brain healthy and smarter
  • Makes you focus better
  • Improves your social skills
  • Sharpens your thinking skills
  • Boosts physical and mental energy

What are other ways to keep your brain smarter?

Other ways can be useful in keeping your Brain smarter. These include but not limited to:

  1. Socialising

You must go out with your friends and family members. Socialising relieves your body of various tensions and stresses. You must be in a good company of friends, relatives and family members. As you socialize, you share life experiences, joke, and laugh. It makes your Brain healthy and smarter (2).

  1. Exercising

Visiting a gym or exercising on your boosts your brain levels. Exercising keeps your body healthy, with blood circulating normally to different body parts. Healthy blood flow and normal blood pressure are essential for your brain healthy.

  1. Eating healthy

You must eat healthy food that boosts your metabolism. Drink fluids daily, eat vegetables and fruits and have a balanced diet to improve your brain functionality. Don’t starve your body as it might affect your thinking capacity. Eat healthy to retain a smart brain.

  1. Sleeping

Having a proper sleeping routine makes your Brain smart. When you are sleeping, your mind gets cleared of waste while your body gets rejuvenated. Sleeping adequately boosts your brain memory. You must rest your body daily by having good sleeping hours to rejuvenate your body.


Your Brain must work out like the rest of your body. As you take the human body to the gym to improve its physique, your Brain also demands the same attention. The Brain must be exercised regularly to improve focus, brain functionality, thinking skills, and memory. You can play Sudoku games, card games, meditate, learn new skills, and read to exercise your body. You can elongate your brain functionality by applying it. You can enjoy the benefits even if you have grey hair. Brain exercises must not be taken lightly. Apart from brain exercises, you can boost your brain functionality by eating healthy, exercising, socializing, and sleeping well.

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