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Can You Get Rid of Belly Fat Rolls?

Imagine you are on a trip to the beach with your friends. You happily slide into your best swimsuit, ready to flaunt your summer body, and the moment you sit down, making yourself comfortable on the soft beach towel, in, folds your belly into rolls and rolls of fat! You try to hide both your embarrassment and belly rolls but your efforts end up in vain. Read on to know all about belly fat rolls and how best to get rid of this unsightly menace.

Belly Fat Rolls

What Exactly Are Belly Fat Rolls

When one hears of the term ‘belly fat rolls’, it is natural to assume that this misfortune befalls fat people only. On the contrary, belly fat rolls are a shared menace that brings much misery to both dieters and non-dieters alike. Belly fat rolls are nothing but rolls and rolls of fat that get accumulated around your abdomen which become more evident when you are in a sitting position. This fat is mostly in closer contact with your skin than the kind that goes deeper inside. For this reason, this fat is referred to as subcutaneous fat. These are formed as a result of sagging and loosening of the skin around the belly.

It is true that some amount of fat is important as they protect the organs inside however when they get accumulated more than required they cause more harm than good. Various factors give rise to belly fat rolls and they are filled with fat that your body is better off without. When you are in a standing position they do not appear as your body is stretched out and your body is erect. But the moment you sit or slouch down, your mid-section gets compressed resulting in belly fat rolls. Not only do they appear unsightly but they can also give rise to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, glucose intolerance, high blood pressure, and other lifestyle diseases when not dealt with over a period of time.

Common Causes That Gives Rise To Belly Fat Rolls

As with all bodily issues that people often try to tackle, belly fat is one such menace that comes regardless of what diet plan you are following, especially if you are doing it the wrong way. Listed below are some causes that lead to the formation of belly fat rolls:

  • Genes – be it emotional, mental, or physical, our genes play a major role in many of the good and bad traits that we deal with in life – belly fat rolls being one such trait. Various studies conducted over the topic have concluded that up to 60% of the times that people deal with stubborn fat around their abdomens is in fact a genetically transmitted trait.
  • Being overweight – being overweight brings about with it way too many physical distresses like belly fat rolls which do nothing but add woe to misery. Regardless of whether one is sitting or standing, fat people have to deal with more bends, rolls, pouches, and related discomforts than those on the leaner end.
  • Habitual incorrect posture – studies have shown that those people who are habitually accustomed to having a poor body posture face issues like belly fat roles, bend spine, etc than those with correct body postures.
  • Sitting for long hours – some studies by signalscv.com have shown that individuals who sit for long durations over the day, especially in a slouching manner, owing to their career demands, illnesses, etc are more susceptible to getting belly fat rolls.
  • Wrongful dieting methods – some people who opt for crash diets with zero exercisings also complain of belly fat rolls owing to wrong lifestyle choices.

How To Asses How Much Is Not Too Much

To know your belly is on par with healthy measurement standards you can carry out simple tests at home. They are:

  1. Hip-waist ratio – which gives you an idea about your waist to hip measurement ratio where ideally the waist should not be too broad in comparison with the hip. This can be done using tape and a calculator. Your doctor will be able to assess how out of line or in shape you are by checking the results.
  2. Waist circumference – this measurement is taken at the diameter passing through one’s belly button and is measured using a regular measuring tape. Compare your results with acceptable standards as per your dietician’s chart.

Depending on the results obtained from these simple home tests you can either revel in the size of your waistline or seek professional help for best pieces of advice in order to ensure all is well within.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Rolls

Just as much as following a healthy lifestyle assures one longer, disease-free sustenance, so does it help us to maintain our bodies fit and in shape. To get rid of fat rolls around the belly one needs to follow certain measures. They are:

  • Exercising – all forms of exercising are beneficial to stay fit and in shape and when it comes to belly fat rolls cardio has proven more beneficial than other forms. This is because cardio helps to reduce overall body weight, unsightly bends, and dents and thus reduces belly fat rolls too.
  • Eating a balanced diet abiding by calorie deficit meals – not only to reduce fat rolls but to remain healthy and fit in the long run, sticking to a balanced diet by following rules of calorie deficit meals, one can actually ensure to stay in shape, flaunting their lean selves with confidence.
  • Stretching – Stretching is known to not only bring forth calm and peace, thereby reducing stress but it also helps the person to get rid of habits like binge-eating, stress-eating, etc. This automatically helps to get rid of belly fat rolls.
  • Resistance training – muscle building is directly proportional to calorie burning. Hence when you strength train you are ensuring to burn more calories in the process owing to your intense workout session which definitely can help you get rid of belly fat rolls.
  • Improving posture – this feat can be achieved by engaging in core training. Not only does it help you get rid of fat rolls, improve muscles mass and help you get in shape but it also enhances your posture and stops you from slouching, leaning, etc.
  • Engaging in high-intensity aerobics exercises – swimming, cycling, jogging, brisk walking, etc all come in this category of exercising. Not only do they help you stay in shape but also guarantee to reduce belly fat rolls.
  • Circuit training – in simpler terms, combining cardiovascular exercises with strength training doubles the benefit attained than regular exercising. Recommended to be done under the guidance of a professional, circuit training is a sure shot technique that helps reduce belly fat rolls.


Whether it is visceral fat or subcutaneous fat, one has to ensure that neither of the two is accumulated in the body for prolonged time periods, especially if it is above the range acceptable according to health standards. Any person is better off with a fit body that is neither too lean nor overly muscular. Not only belly fat rolls can arise as a result of unhealthy lifestyle choices but various health-related woes can also befall a person who readily ignores warning signs. So, follow a disciplined lifestyle, eat healthily, exercise regularly, and ensure not only the reduction in belly fat rolls but also to lead a happy life free of diseases and related discomforts.

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