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Do Keto Supplements Help Increase Ketosis and Aid the Ketogenic Diet?

Everybody in today’s world is battling a single common goal in life and that is how to stay fit, how can we control our hunger pangs, and how easily can we reach our optimum weight goals! We all know that if our bodies begin to pile up those extra flaps, it is bound to get detrimental for our health. This could lead to the deficiency of a good immune system, your bones might become weak, and more importantly, your overall wellbeing gets a shock.

So, when a person wants to lose weight, what does he or she look at as the first place to start the weight loss journey? It’s either a strict diet that may prove as a wrong motivation for someone who is just a beginner in the fitness world. Or some even hit the gym immediately and all of the sudden exercises that you engage in cause stress to the body, therefore, instilling a shock in the body. So, what does one do then, if you may ask—well, the answer lies in the good old story of a rabbit and turtle trying to win a race. Yes, we’re talking about taking it “slow and steady” and what better than a keto diet to do that. This diet prepares your body for your weight loss journey. And if you want to excel in this journey, then stepping into the keto journey with the help of a ketosis supplement like the Custom Keto Diet will help you achieve real results. Now, first, let’s understand more about the keto diet. Read on.

8 week custom keto diet plan

What Is Ketogenic Diet?

Most popularly nicknames as the keto diet, the ketogenic diet is a diet which lows on carbs and high on fats and this, dear readers, provides us with loads of health benefits. This diet transforms your body into nothing less than a fat-burning robot machine. And simultaneously you’ll see yourself losing weight while your energy levels are still on a high.

This keto diet that reduces your carbohydrates intake drastically substituting it with fat instead makes your body enter into the stage of ketosis (metabolic state). Now, ketosis is a completely normal function that is metabolic. It’s the stage when your body starts to burn fat for energy instead of glucose. The whole goal of ketosis is that it focuses on eating and burning fats. If you are asking about other health benefits here apart from weight loss, well, how about lower insulin levels and lower levels of blood sugar, sounds amazing, right? To summarize this, the ketosis process is one wherein your body begins to produce a large number of ketones and ends up using the same for energy instead of breaking down the carbs.

Quick Facts About Keto

  • Ketosis takes place only when the body isn’t given access to its main fuel source—glucose.
  • In the ketosis process, the fat stores are broken down into energy, this in result produces ketones.
  • These days, keto falls into one of the smart weight loss ideas known to man.
  • Keto is considered to be a satisfying method of diet as you will never feel hungry.
  • The origin of the keto diet dates back to 1920 when it was used to treat patients suffering from epilepsy. This lead to the adverse health benefits that this diet ended up providing.
  • Even in this, you can find various forms of the ketogenic diet.

The types of ketogenic diets are as follows:

  1. Classic Keto: You can nickname it as the strictest form of keto. It involves a 4:1 ratio, i.e. fat-carb ratio. This diet is a structured one and consists of 90% fat. Foods eaten during this diet are weighed down and eaten.
  2. MCT: The MCT here stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. It involves indulging in man-made fats that are ketogenic. This keto diet version includes eating higher portions of proteins and carbs when compared to the Classic Keto diet.
  3. Modified Keto: It is a less restrictive version of the keto diet and if you are a beginner, starting with this will help you get a good head start. It can be considered as one of the most sustainable forms of keto.
  4. Intermittent Fasting: This form of keto diet will allow your body to launch itself in the ketosis stage by reducing the window time for eating in your day. In this too, there are variations. However, the most classic form of intermittent fasting is that of 16:8 where you are allowed to have only an 8 hours window frame for eating. And the rest of the 16 hours of the day, your body will be fasting. This diet will force the body to burn the fat for energy.

How Do Keto Supplements Help In Ketosis?

You see, when you are forcing your body to enter into a stage that isn’t quite normal, you might likely have some tiny side-effects, it completely depends on your personal medical history though. This is where keto supplements play a vital role. It not only helps your body to enter the ketosis stage at an early level, but it also helps minus out the side effects and helps maintain a natural balance in the body. Now, again, you’re spoilt for choice as there is quite an array of health supplements for you to choose from. Dietary supplements aren’t something new that we’ve heard. The purpose of having ketogenic supplements is that these supplements make way to fill up the nutritional gaps of the keto diet that you are religiously following or planning to follow. Most of the supplements in the market today are scientifically proven to improve mental health, boost the fat-burning process, and the overall physical performance of the body. A supplement is all you need to help you start right with the low-carb and high-fat diet. You’ll find two main forms of keto supplements, they are:

  • Ketone Salts: As the name suggests, this supplement includes ketones which are salt-bound. For example, those bound to sodium, calcium, potassium, or magnesium. These supplements are usually in powder form and are mixed with a liquid for consumption.
  • Ketone Esters: In this supplement, Ketones are linked to other compounds which are known as esters and these supplements are usually packed in liquid form. Now, these ketone ester supplements are still in the research stage, and you will not be finding it easy in your nearest store like the Ketone Salt.

Both these supplements are known to up the ketone levels in the blood. The supplements also reduce your cravings and your entire appetite in general. And the keto supplements in general help you follow a keto plan that helps with your body goals as well as matches your taste buds. Also, supplements like the Custom Keto Diet will help you lose the desired quantity of fat. It also helps in creating an optimized diet that includes a customized macro and calorie intake which are vital for your health goals. The diet plan includes customized meal plans as well that will never trouble your taste buds. The diet also comes with stepwise instructions making it a hell lot easier for you to follow and stick to your weight goals.

Foods That Should Be Avoided During Keto Diet

  • Sugary foods
  • Beans
  • Starches or grains in general
  • Fruits
  • Root vegetables
  • Unhealthy fats
  • Sugar-free foods (the artificial ones)
  • Products which have the label of low-fat
  • Alcohol
  • Sauces and condiments

Foods That Are Considered To Be Keto-Friendly

  • Fatty fish
  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Cream and butter
  • Healthy oils
  • Vegetables which are low in carbs
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Avocados
  • Healthy condiments

Here’s a useful tip: Ensure that you rotate your foods so that you don’t get bored with it. And always remember to maximize your nutritional value of food.

Investing a beneficial keto supplement like the Custom Keto Diet will do wonders. However, if you suffer from any underlying health conditions, you must consult your doctor and a dietician before you take the ketogenic route. However, it’s always a good idea to in a healthy keto supplement. It’s never too late to take the healthy route. So, what are you waiting for now? Begin your ketogenic journey and watch your fat burn away to glory. We hope you know what a ketogenic diet is and what are the keto supplements used for. Stay healthy!

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