10 Strategies For Reducing COVID-19 Anxiety

We all know that life is literally one thing after another. And just because the whole cosmos or the universe has thrown one big stress at us it doesn’t mean that we won’t be getting any other stresses in our lives. And if there is anything in this world right now that is causing more stress and anxiety in everybody’s life it has to be the coronavirus.  The pandemic that the COVID-19 has brought with it has left the entire world injectors. This coronavirus has almost infected 500,000 people and is continuing to do so. The pandemic situation led to the shutdown of the entire world bringing the economy and financial markets of the world to a standstill. We understand that it is really easy to come to the feeling of fear especially when you are found right in the center of uncertain 80, unpredictability, and chaos. During this time of world crisis we think that we need to be managing two of the most important things simultaneously:

  • Taking all the precautions, safety measures, and following the social distancing protocols so that we as well as our loved ones stay protected from the coronavirus.
  • The second thing that we must and should do is protect ourselves and our families from the anxiety or fear or worry that the coronavirus has brought into our lives.

We understand that it is a very overwhelming time and that is why here are some 10 ways through which we can stay focused, centered, and keep ourselves from falling to the worst fears that COVID-19  has brought into our lives.

COVID-19 Anxiety

  1. Practice Media Distancing

Yes, we are told to practice social distancing in order to curb the spread of COVID-19 amongst us; but if we need to curb the spread of anxiety amongst us we need to definitely distance ourselves from the media. Most of the time, anxiety stems from an active imagination of uncertainty and this produces catastrophic thoughts. And in the present times, it is the media that is the driver of such negative thoughts. Doctors have said that the most anxious patients that they come across are the ones consuming news from online media, social media, etc. you don’t have to check the news every single minute in a day. Watch or listen to the news just once a day and the rest of the information will in any which case, reach you.

  1. Don’t Bond With Worry

You could be worried about many things during this pandemic situation — falling prey to the virus, being unemployed, or struggling with your financial conditions; but I understand that the more your mind focuses on all of the worst-case scenarios the more anxious you will tend to feel. There is a huge difference between worrying and problem-solving. Whenever you find worry knocking at your doorstep, take a deep breath and think of a solution or an action that needs to be taken to drive it away.

  1. Don’t Think About The Future Odds; Focus On The Present Odds

We understand that there are a lot of deaths worldwide happening because of coronavirus. But a majority of people who are infected with COVID-19 have either no symptom at all or very mild to moderate ones. The infection fatality rate is very low for coronavirus. But yes, death is possible and this fact affects the anxious people and they begin to dwell. Understand that the more test gets conducted all over the world the more positive cases might come out but still the chances of your loved ones or you dying if infected by coronavirus is still very remote. Therefore focus on the present odds only.

  1. Don’t React To Any Physical Symptoms

Never get into the habit of scanning your body for the symptoms of coronavirus. Just because you have a very common cold or fever and cough doesn’t mean you have COVID-19. You need to just accept the uncertainty in this case just like you do in other areas of life. If you keep worrying that you are developing a symptom or you already have a symptom when in reality it is absent you are just reinforcing anxiety and worry not just to you but also to others around you.

  1. Lay Emphasis On Productivity And Learn To Enjoy Life In New Ways

We certainly do not have any control over this world crisis that COVID-19 has brought into our lives, but we definitely can have control over the way we or our loved ones respond to this COVID-19 crisis. Yes, we are stuck at home that doesn’t mean we are left with nothing to do. Take this opportunity of staying at home with your loved ones as the time to bond. Organize your messy House, clean that garage which you have been planning to do for years, or just play a board game with your family. You could also learn new skills together or learn something that you have always wanted to and did not have time earlier to do it.

  1. Engage In Activities That Help Reduce Stress

You know there are a lot of things that help reduce stress and anxiety in our bodies — exercising regularly, practicing mindfulness, being grateful, all of these will help you stay calm and attain peace. Select one method or two methods or learn about them if you don’t really know how to do it and practice it every single day. Understand that once this crisis has passed by we will all appreciate the time we got to spend with one another and the enlightenment that we achieved regarding the importance of health.

  1. Don’t Overdo The Guidelines

Washing your hands until they become red and dry, taking off all your clothes before entering your house, or isolating indoors– These are all the guidelines of nurturing anxiety and not the guidelines provided by the health organizations all over the world. If you are someone who is spraying everything that your eyes are lined on with bleach or any other kind of harsh cleaners in the name of disinfecting then you are clearly being very anxious about COVID-19. According to health experts for you to contract the infection from a surface the surface will require large amounts of viruses on it and also it needs to survive long enough to be able to cause an infection on another person. Therefore don’t overdo the hand wash or sanitizing surfaces.

  1. Don’t Overreact And Preserve Normalcy

Much has been learned about the COVID-19 virus and if you are not under one of those high-risk containment zones or areas, you don’t have to quarantine yourself at home like how the whole world did during spring last year. Ensuring that you wear a mask and take certain precautions is enough if you want to have any family gathering, or venture out for some genuine work, etc.

  1. Have Faith And Be Kind To Yourself And Your Loved Ones

It’s normal to be worried and feel anxious during a worldwide crisis of a pandemic like a coronavirus. In such times make it a point to reach out to all your relatives who are in need of some moral support. This will lift your spirits up as well as yours. If you come with a very good financial background then be grateful for it and continue to pay the salaries for the services of the people who work under you. And if you are someone who is unemployed or is facing a dark cloud in business then just hang on and be faithful and hopeful; once the storm has passed good things will sprout up again.

  1. Seek Professional Help

If you find yourself facing anxiety which is that of an excavation level then it is better to seek some professional help. Talk to a professional or a therapist even through your phone and let them know how you’re feeling. If there is any medication that has to be taken take it and feel better.

Remember that anxiety is still under your control and your response to the COVID-19 situation is also under your control. Therefore act responsibly and mindfully and let’s hope for better safety of the world in the times to come.

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