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The recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus has created chaos worldwide. As there is no vaccine for the virus, people are looking for practical solutions to prevent the infection. WHO (World Health Organization) has stated about wearing a mask as a protection against the Novel Coronavirus. The present situation demands you to wear a mask if you are sneezing or coughing.

Air pollution is a medium for various diseases and breathing toxic air leads to severe problems in the old age. An anti-pollution mask will not only offer you protection against the germs, but it will also enable you to breathe clean air. OxyBreath Pro is a stylish mask that filters fine pollution particles. Its triple-layered filtration system makes it one of the best anti-pollution masks in the market.

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What is OxyBreath Pro?

With three layers of filter, the OxyBreath Pro mask will protect you from polluted air. It covers your nose and mouth to ensure that you breathe clean air even in a polluted environment. OxyBreath Pro uses a 2.5 PM nanotechnology to make you breathe fresh air. Made from premium quality material, these masks are ideal for individuals who spend a lot of their time outdoors or travel a lot.

If you regularly travel through public transport, then you need to use an excellent anti-pollution mask such as OxyBreath Pro. It will not only protect you from the effects of polluted air, but also from any germs or virus which are likely to spread in crowds. With increasing pollution, it has become necessary for students to use a mask to stay protected from the hazardous effects of pollution. The immune system in toddlers does not develop entirely as it undergoes the ‘building’ phase. The lungs of most of the senior citizens are sensitive, and their immune system is too weak to counter the harmful microorganisms present in the air. Thus, you must ensure that both babies and senior citizens in your family wear anti-pollution masks in polluted areas. The OxyBreath Pro mask is the best protective mask available in the market, and its demand is surging these days.

How does the OxyBreath Pro mask work?

The OxyBreath Pro mask traps dust particles and germs present in the air and prevents them from entering your nose and mouth. The 2.5 nano dust-free air filter enables this mask to act as an excellent defense against air pollution. It is quite simple to use the OxyBreath Pro mask and anyone, be it older adults or children, can use it. This mask has a valve that closes to stop dust particles from getting inside. When the valve opens, the moisture and carbon dioxide are released out so that the mask remains comfortable and the airways are clean. The OxyBreath Pro mask is eco-friendly as well as reusable. You can even wash this mask as per your usage.

OxyBreath Pro Works

The OxyBreath Pro is unique among all the anti-pollution masks which you have known or used before. Compared to an ordinary mask with only one mediocre filter, the OxyBreath Pro mask has three layers for filtering the air. A majority of anti-pollution masks have a hood that you need to tie up. The hood also keeps falling now and then. But you won’t come across such problems with the OxyBreath Pro mask as its rear strap will fit you well.

Benefits of using OxyBreath Pro mask

The following are the benefits of using OxyBreath Pro mask:

  1. It is of the few mask brands which use premium quality material for manufacturing and has three layers of filtration.
  2. It is water-resistant, and you can clean it easily.
  3. As this mask is foldable, you can carry it in your backpack or even in your pocket with ease.
  4. Unlike most of the anti-pollution masks, the strap of this mask won’t slip off, and it will fit you perfectly around the ear.
  5. This mask can fit anyone due to its versatile size.
  6. It perfectly covers your nose and mouth as these organs are the most vulnerable ones and are usually the primary mode of entrance into the body for germs.
  7. This mask is an eco-friendly product that is reusable after washing it.

How much does the OxyBreath Pro mask cost?

Currently, the OxyBreath Pro mask is offering a minimum of 50% discount on its official website. You can buy an OxyBreath Pro mask for just $49. Some combo offers include:

  • On purchasing 2 OxyBreath Pro masks, you will get a discount of 67%, and one additional OxyBreath Pro mask free.
  • If you are buying 3 OxyBreath Pro masks, you will get a 73% discount and three additional OxyBreath Pro masks free.

You can also purchase a 3-year warranty on the OxyBreath Pro mask for only $9.

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Does OxyBreath Pro offer any money-back guarantee?

OxyBeath Pro offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so that you can get a refund if you are not satisfied with the product’s performance. You can return a damaged or defective mask to the company within 30 days from the date of delivery.

Before you return the product, you must get a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number by contacting the company through their telephone number (+44 20 3808 9234) or email ([email protected]). The RMA number should be written on the delivery ticket of the package you want the return. The company will not accept any package with no RMA number and insufficient postal charges. The product should be sent in its original packaging to get a refund. The refund will not include the delivery charges of the product.




What are the three protection layers of this mask?

The OxyBreath Pro mask features a Reinforced layer, a Particle layer and an Activated Carbon layer to make sure that you breathe clean air.

Will this mask help me to prevent the allergens which spread through the air?

Yes, you will find the OxyBreath Pro mask very effective in preventing air-borne allergens.

Is this mask available in different sizes?

This mask is available only in the standard size, which will easily fit every individual.

Will this mask feel heavy while wearing it?

No, this mask is lightweight, and you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing it

Customer Reviews

By Peter C., Indonesia

I travel to my office through motorcycle and apart from traffic, air pollution troubles me the most during travelling. The exhaust fumes of all the vehicles enter my body while breathing, and I feel itches in my throat. Such fumes and dust particles will trouble me in the long run and to prevent further damage, I thought of going for an anti-pollution mask. I chose OxyBreath Pro mask as it is built with premium quality materials. I no longer fear the toxins present in the air. This mask fits me well and doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all while wearing it.

By Sandy L.

The OxyBreath Pro mask is one of the best anti-pollution masks I have tried to date! Except for OxyBreath Pro, every mask I wore was either too loose or fit but uncomfortable. This mask doesn’t compromise my comfort, and it fits me perfectly. Breathing in cities is so risky that I frequently panic if I get lung-related diseases. This mask has three layers for purifying the air we inhale, and this feature caught my intention when I was going through the specifications of this mask before buying it. It has been an excellent solution to tackle the impact of pollution.

Sharon R., Singapore

I’m allergic to dust and exposure to dust particles in a pollution-ridden place is an absolute nightmare for me. But it’s not easy to prevent yourself from travelling to such sites. So, I started looking for an excellent anti-dust mask on the internet. The OxyBreath Pro mask is of the few masks which have brilliant features as per my requirements. I don’t mind dust-particles anymore while travelling as this mask filters those particles from the air I breathe.

By Steve D.

This mask offers me the hope that I would be fine even in polluted areas! An office colleague of mine suggested this mask as he uses it daily and is aware of its tremendous benefits. It traps dirt particles along with germs and lets you inhale only pure air. After using it for more than a month, I purchased a couple more for my wife and daughter. These masks are indeed worth their prices!

The final verdict

With the epidemic of new viruses every year and the growing air pollution, many anti-pollution masks are emerging in the market. However, most of these masks have bulky design and useless filters. Those masks aren’t effective at all for preventing the inhalation of polluted air. The OxyBreath Pro mask has impressive features to give you guaranteed protection against dust particles and germs in the polluted atmosphere. The high elastic ear rope of this mask ensures that the mask fits you well and doesn’t cause any discomfort. This mask also has excellent durability, and you can use it repeatedly after washing it.

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