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How The Warrior Diet Plan Works

When we talk about the warrior diet plan, the first thing that came to mind is fasting. Fasting is one of the religious cultures and used by many people in India since ancient times. Fasting has a lot of history but simply, in fasting, you eat periodically to eat less and it also closes every window of overeating. Warrior diet is one of the fasting methods but some people say that this diet plan is extreme and unnecessary but it has significant benefits. It helps you to lose some weight and improve mental clarity.

Warrior Diet

What is the warrior diet plan?

We should know that the warrior diet was created in 2001 by a man who was in Israel special forces, and this diet plan is simply based on the warrior from ancient times. In ancient times, many people follow this diet plan because of some religious reasons or for some benefits of this diet plan. Simply, the warrior diet plan means the diet in which you have to eat periodically for under-eating, and you also have to reduce the calorie content. You should also ignore overeating. We base all this concept on the warrior who eats less in the daytime, and they maintain the amount of food in the night.

These periodically eating patterns give them strength and improve their mental ability. Therefore, nowadays many people are trying these patterns for their eating purpose, but the significant benefits are constant. You also have to follow all the patterns when you start this diet plan. This warrior diet plan will prime your way to look, eat and feel. It also triggers your survival instinct in the process of this diet plan.

How does the warrior diet plan work?

If you want to follow this warrior diet plan, then you should know all about this diet plan. The warrior diet plan has to work properly, and this is one of the great patterns of eating food. People who follow this diet plan fast for 20 hours per day. They have to under eat for 20 hours a day and then eat at night with the maintained amount of food. When you start this diet plan, it allows you to eat dairy products, raw fruits and vegetables, boiled eggs, and non-calorie fluids in the 20 hours eating pattern.

After the diet of 20 hours, you can eat whatever you want in the remaining 4 hours in the night. This is also called an overeating window, which will provide you with the calorie and other proteins. But when you eat in these 4 hours, be right about the choices you made about the food. The preference has to be for unprocessed food and organic food. If someone is new to this diet plan, then you should start this diet plan with the three divided phases. Many people who used this diet plan claim that the benefits of this diet plan are great.

Benefits of the warrior diet plan

The warrior diet is a little extreme diet method, but it has significant benefits and it will be healthy. This fasting method is useful in many countries, especially for the special cops or warriors. This fasting method will make you more strong and improve your mental ability. This is one of the strict versions of fasting. As we know, in this fasting method you can under eat for 20 hours. You can eat dairy products and other organic products in these 20 hours.

Following are some benefits that you can get when you follow the warrior diet plan:

  • Helps in weight loss

Many diet methods are linked to weight loss, but this is one of the effective methods for weight loss. This method includes the fasting cycle of 20 hours, which will make you lose some weight in less time. There are many periodic patterns available for fasting time. Some people eat their meal in the evening for four hours, and this method has become the most effective method for weight loss. Many studies stated that this method had more benefits than people who consume food daily with no fasting method.

Some people also eat their meal one time per day, which will lead to high weight loss and body weight. Follow this warrior dietary plan right. Sometimes when people eat according to this warrior diet plan, they eat more calories in the 4 hours and it will lead to the overeating and weight gaining process. Therefore, make sure that you have to take maintained calorie content in every meal.

  • Improve brain health

This is one of the significant benefits of the fasting method. Many studies can prove to you it will improve your brain health. This fasting method will improve the regulation of your inflammatory pathways, which will make your brain healthy better than normal. In this field, there are many studies to go, and after the results, you will get detailed information about how this fasting process works in brain cells.

  • Decrease inflammation

The inflammation in the body is caused by oxidative stress which will lead to serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Many studies on this topic proved that this is one of the best methods of fasting to decrease the inflammation in your body. When we look at the detailed information of this process, then it says that when we use this fasting method, it will lead to decreasing the level of TNF-a and interleukin 1 beta. These two substances will promote the inflammation level in your body.

Therefore, when you want to decrease the level of inflammation in your body, then you can use this fasting method. This periodic pattern of eating will provide you with significant benefits.

  • Improve blood sugar control

You will find many studies that will prove that fasting for 20 hours a day will reduce the blood sugar level in your body and it will also help you in losing some weight. This is one of the significant benefits that come with the warrior diet plan. But there are some disadvantages also present concerning fasting for 20 hours. When you follow this diet method, concern your doctor first because sometimes this method will lead to you with a low blood sugar level, which will cause you dangerous diseases. Before you follow any method, take all the information about that diet plan.

This warrior diet plan will improve your blood sugar level and maintain it the whole day. It happens because you didn’t take any calories or sugars the complete day. Eat organic and unprocessed food during fasting time.

What to eat in the under-eating phase?

As we all know that in the warrior diet plan, you can’t eat any processed food or sugary food. Avoid this type of food in this phase, but you can eat all dairy products and organic products in this phase. Following are some food choices which you have to make when you are following this warrior dietary plan

  • In the warrior diet plan, eat in small portions. Fruits like apples, bananas, kiwi, mango, peach, and pineapple.
  • Vegetable juices like beetroot, carrots, and celery.
  • You also have to eat the chicken broth and beef broth for the extra protein content.
  • You should also consume unprocessed food or raw vegetables like carrots, greens, peppers, mushrooms, and onions.
  • You can also eat dairy products such as milk, yogurt,.
  • For the protein, you can eat the boiled egg or poached egg.
  • For the freshness, you can drink a beverage like tea, coffee, and water.

All the above are great choices of eating in the day, but you should also have to know what you should avoid in your fasting period. Avoid sugary dishes such as cookies, cakes,. You can’t eat fried dishes. You also have to avoid chips, candy, processed meats, artificial sweeteners, etc. You also can’t drink any sweet drinks like fruit juices.


All this information is really helpful for those individuals who want to follow this warrior diet plan and make it work in proper life. The warrior diet plan is 20 hours of fasting cycles with four hours of overeating period in a day. This diet plan provides you with the many benefits which we discussed above but this diet plan is appropriate for some people but sometimes such as for children and pregnant women, this diet plan is a bad idea. Take advice from your doctor before you follow this warrior’s diet plan. Follow this plan constantly with no gap for its significant benefits.

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