How Tinnitus Affects Daily Life?

Tinnitus is a medical condition under which usually consistently noise is heard into the ear even in the absence of any external source. Tinnitus is the quite commonly occurring condition in which a person gets a perception of a sound that is associated with ringing or buzzing, hissing, clicking, or even roaring. The sound could be soft, low, or highly pitched. Around 15-20% of people suffer from the problem of Tinnitus, and it is thus a commonly occurring problem in humans. Tinnitus usually happens due to aging, and the difficulty increases with the further aging, and even the person can hear sound simultaneously with a very high intensity of sound.


Symptoms of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the continuously hearing of various sounds without the presence of any external sound source (1). The multiple sounds include the sound of

  • Buzzing
  • Ringing
  • Hissing
  • Humming
  • Clicking
  • Roaring

The intensities in Tinnitus varies from very high pitched intensity to low pitched soft sound.

The sound heard in either or both of the ears. Tinnitus leads to a lack of concentration, irritation, disturbed sleep, and various other health-related issues related to mental and emotional health.

Tinnitus is primary of 2 kinds

  1. Subjective Tinnitus: in subjective Tinnitus, only the person suffering from Tinnitus can hear the sound. Subjective Tinnitus majorly happened due to problems in either the outer ear, inner ear, or middle part of the ear. Subjective Tinnitus can also damage the nerve cells and create difficulties in framing the connection between the brain and ear.
  2. Objective Tinnitus: In objective Tinnitus, the doctor examining the person suffering from Tinnitus or the person standing very close to the person suffering from Tinnitus can also experience the continuous sound experienced by the person suffering from Tinnitus. Cases of objective Tinnitus are found quite rare. The objective Tinnitus occurs due to damage in middle ear bone or problem in the blood vessel or due to muscle contractions.

If a person at any time suffers any of the characteristics of the two above stated, Tinnitus must visit the doctor or taking some preventive measures to get rid of the problem and stop it from further damage.

Reasons due to which Tinnitus occurs

Tinnitus, if ignored, can take the shape of worsened Tinnitus, which is a very abnormal medical condition under which the brain of a person continuously triggers a very high intensity of any kind of noise.

One of how Tinnitus can occur includes the damaged ear hairs. When the hair inside the ear suffers damage or breaks, it either gets inside the ear or triggers the nerve cell receptors again and again. Thus, the brain tries to interpret the sound, which it considers as a sound wave often. Another instance of the problem is when the hair inside the ear grows bent, leaking some of the nerve signals to the brain. Thus brain interpreting a sound appear more often.

Another cause of Tinnitus includes

  • Aging: Ageing is one of the common causes of Tinnitus. As age increases, people are more likely to suffer from hearing loss, which creates a problem of Tinnitus. At around the age of 60, mostly all the people started suffering from hearing loss which creates a condition of Presbycusis, which causes the Tinnitus
  • Earwax blockage: due to some dirt particles, the ear path may get blocked, which slows the growth of bacteria inside the ear. Too much of wax leads to the problem like hearing loss which may trigger brain cells and cause Tinnitus. The wax inside ear becomes very difficult to be washed or removed, and thus ear should be cleared regularly.
  • Hearing loud music: Exposure to deafening music can also lead to problems relayed to hearing loss. Hearing loud music can also cause physical damage to parts of the ear like eardrum damage. Hearing loud music using i-pods or earphones can cause temporary and even permanent damage to your ears and can cause the problem of Tinnitus.
  • Ear bone growth or change: sometimes, a medical condition known as Otosclerosis may also arise in humans under which the bone of the middle ear starts to get stiffening up, which may affect hearing as well as cause the condition like Tinnitus. The growth of bone leads to permanent hearing loss as well if not treated.
  • Some other causes of Tinnitus include ear, neck, or head injury; muscle of ear may get tensed, developing non-cancerous tumors inside ear or brain, high blood pressure, capillary malformation, inner ear order diseases.
  • Tinnitus in men occurs due to sex or smoking.
  • Some of the cardiovascular problems, like problems in the blood vessel, can also lead to Tinnitus. Sometimes a very high dose of medicines like aspirin, antibiotics, water pills, antidepressant pills can also cause Tinnitus as its side effect.

These were some of the causes of Tinnitus, which may affect the hearing of a person and thus produce a lack of concentration, sleeplessness, and various other issues. 

Problems related to Tinnitus in day to day life

Tinnitus becomes a serious medical issue if not taken care of at the early stages. Various problems related to the health condition as that of Tinnitus which includes:

  • Lack of concentration: with the continuous trigger in the ear, the brain started lacking focus. The sound coming of nowhere becomes a severe issue to think about in the life of a person suffering from Tinnitus. Usually, people try to ignore the noise, which is not a remedy to the problem but results in nothing. The person is suffering from Tinnitus experiences loos of hearing, and thus he needs to concentrate more on what the external sound is coming to him. The person suffering from Tinnitus needs focused hearing. It is an unpleasant distraction due to Tinnitus and thus makes the person lack his or her concentration over his day-to-day work.
  • Lack of sleep: the person suffering from Tinnitus also experiences a lack of sleep. In Tinnitus, the sound continuously triggered into the ear, which during the night doesn’t let the person sleep one. At night the quiet room leads to the more intense triggering sound, which disturbs the sleep of an individual.
  • Emotional changes: The same type of sound heard, again and again, becomes irritating even after a minimal amount of time. In Tinnitus, the sound is heard continuously for an extended period, which makes a person irritated. The frustration leads to an emotional reaction in an individual.
  • Tinnitus becomes the most attention-seeking activity: No matter what function the person is performing, if he is suffering from Tinnitus, all his attention will be grabbed by the sound continuously he is hearing. Patients often become crazy due to the frustration of long term sound hearing.
  • Tinnitus causes various other problems in humans like fear of having a tumor, irritation, mental disturbance, and even unemployment in some cases due to misbehavior or lack of concentration of an individual.
  • Few experience fatigue due to Tinnitus, leading to immense stress because of the disease.
  • A person suffering from Tinnitus may go into depression due to the mental imbalance he is tolerating from a considerable period.
  • Some people may also face a memory loss problem. Since Tinnitus grabs all the concentration of an individual, he might face the challenge of loss of memory.

Measure to get prevention from Tinnitus

The following measures to adhere to get rid of the severe problem like Tinnitus:

  • Avoid the exposure of loud music, don’t hear amplified music, and avoid using earphones or i-pod if you have any of symptoms like that of Tinnitus.
  • Use hearing protection helps to get rid of the continuous sound one is getting and thus getting relieved from Tinnitus.
  • Exercise daily and take care of cardiovascular health. Daily exercise helps in keeping the blood circulation active and thus helps in getting rid of Tinnitus.
  • Regularly clean ear. Don’t let the wax sit inside the ear since it may lead to the problem of hearing loss and Tinnitus, and thus, regular hygiene of ear is paramount.
  • Sonus Complete is a dietary supplement specially designed to get rid of Tinnitus with its unique ingredients like olive leaves, Niacin, Garlic, etc.
  • Tinnitus is bothering, and thus, if any of the symptoms of Tinnitus, visit a doctor and take medical help immediately because it may cause serious health-related issues.

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