Can Shampoo Make My Hair Grow Thicker and Longer?

Thicker and longer hairs are desired by many women as they are considered as the crowning glory and enhance your appearance. People spend a lot of amount of money on maintaining their hair health. Products that claim to make your hair fuller, thicker and longer are highly demanded in the market. However, not all products produce the results they advertise. Let us look at the purpose of shampoo and can it make your hair grow thicker and longer.

The main purpose of shampoo is to keep your hair lengths and scalp clean. It is necessary to remove the build-up, dirt, and oil from the hair. The sebaceous glands are known to secrete sebum which is a natural oil that nourishes the scalp, however, too much sebum can lead to an oily scalp and can clog pores which are not good for hair growth. It is also necessary to ensure that you are not washing your hair too often as it can lead to a dry scalp as a result the scalp will produce more oil or sebum to compensate for the extra dryness therefore, it is necessary to understand your hair type to know how often you can wash your hair without stripping away their natural oils. Usage of appropriate shampoo can help you achieve a healthy scalp and hair for a longer time. For instance, if you have a naturally dry scalp you can opt for a hydrating shampoo.  People suffering from any scalp condition like dandruff can opt for a shampoo made with ingredients that can eliminate dandruff or other conditions. This is necessary as such problems can cause hair thinning. The shampoo is also necessary for preparing your hair for any further treatment. If you want to get a keratin treatment or any other hair treatment it is necessary to have clean hair to enjoy all benefits of the treatment as no treatment will be effective unless you have clean hair. Hence it can be said that shampoo can help you to ensure a clean and healthy scalp and its purpose is to help you get rid of any build-up dirt.

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How effective are thickening shampoos?

Many women face the problem of thin and brittle hair every day. Thin hairs are volumeless and can affect the way you feel about yourself. The beauty and the cosmetic industry claim to have a solution for every skin and hair problem. They introduce products that can help you tackle your problem easily. For thin and limp hair there are many hair thickening products like shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. These products claim to help you with the thin hair problem however, it is necessary to ensure that you are not wasting your money on such products and some noticeable results can be seen as, not all products offer the benefits that they claim to offer. When you use a regular shampoo it only helps you in removing the excess oil and dirt. However, when you use a thickening shampoo it not only helps you remove dirt and build-up but also makes your hair look fuller and thicker. The thickening shampoo cannot actually make your hair thicker from the roots but it can help you with the problem on a temporary basis. It works by making your hair look thicker. Hair thickening shampoos are protein-based and use protein and collagen to improve the thickness of every hair strand. Such shampoos focus on each and every hair strand rather than only roots. They coat all the hair strands with protein and a form of vitamin B called Panthenol. This helps the hair to look fuller and thicker as protein temporarily provides strength to the lengths of the hair and Panthenol enables the scalp to generate and absorb moisture. This helps the hair strands to occupy the space between them as they swell due to the usage of hair thickening shampoo and helps you achieve a fuller scalp. Various other ingredients are used to provide you with the illusion of thicker hair. Some products include healthy ingredients like biotin to improve the overall health of the hair. Although hair thickening shampoo cannot help with hair loss it can improve the appearance of your thin hair for some time. These shampoos work only as long as you use them, once you switch to a regular shampoo your hair will be back to its original form.

Can shampoo make my hair grow longer?

With the rise in popularity of hair growth shampoos, there are various types of shampoos available that claim to help you grow hair. Various products claim to boost hair growth and many claims to regrow hair. However, it is necessary to understand that not all shampoos can make your hair grow longer. People suffering from hair loss due to any scalp condition can experience hair growth due to the usage of shampoo recommended by the dermatologist however for people without any medical condition shampoo can only serve its basic purpose. For instance, people suffering from a high level of DTH hormone can opt for shampoo made to help with the condition to ensure proper hair growth and to avoid the shrinking of hair follicles. Since hair requires the standard time to grow you can only ensure taking proper care of them. The shampoo is applied to the scalp for only a few minutes and no medicine can get absorbed deeply within such short a period. For any topical medicine or ingredient to work effectively it needs to get absorbed deeply and for deep absorption, you need to leave it for a longer time. This cannot be done while using a shampoo as it contains cleaning agents that can harm the scalp and the hair when left for a longer time. You can use a shampoo that can help you prevent hair loss to ensure proper growth of the hair. However, alone shampoo cannot induce hair growth you need to ensure a proper diet including essential vitamins to ensure healthy growth of hair.


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